This is the second part of ChitHot’s Beast Quest walkthrough guide. If you want to start at the beginning, please see the walkthrough for Beast Quest Ferno. Otherwise, let’s get stuck in with the Beast Quest Nanook chapter!

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Beast Quest Nanook

After freeing Ferno you will now be able to walk through fire. Go through the fire to reach a new campfire, kill the spider, a really tough golem and finally a bird. You will see a gold key, which you can walk up the hill to. Back down the hill, continue on the linear path to a gold chest. There is another gold key and a gold chest that are unobtainable at the moment. Go back on the main path and make it to the Icy Plains campfire. A little farther forward you can open a gold chest. At this point, go to the Skills section in your menu and unlock Scorch and Combustion, go to combat and select Combustion. Also, change your ally to Ferno. Go forward until you reach the river, then climb the wall to your right.

Now you will fight three lizards, then go right and you will find the lost boy you are searching for. A Yeti will attack you; this is your first encounter with Nanook. Use your fire abilities fire whenever you can and he will die in no time. After he’s beaten you will get a new quest. Proceed forward, jumping over a few gaps and killing a golem. After that use the climbing wall on the right and reach the next campfire. Go left and cross the zig-zag path. There will be four lizards and an icy block sliding puzzle. Slide the block to the right, then forward to the wall you want to climb.

Nanook Part 2

You will reach an area with many paths. Take the northern path to a gold key and continue to a campfire for the Third City. Take the north path and kill a golem, then climb the rocky surface on the left. Keep killing all the enemies ahead until you reach your next campfire. While still facing the campfire, turn left and follow this path to a gold key.

Keep going forward to enter a snowball fight with Nanook. This is a simple process – simply use the manouvre buttons to avoid incoming snowballs and work your way towards the beast. During this part of the fight we encountered a glitch wherein it was impossible to hurt Nanook – if this happens simply let yourself die, then fast travel to a distant campfire and back again. After you defeat him down you will encounter another snowball fight. Repeat what the same process from earlier, but be aware that he throws the snowballs much faster this time.

After beating him again the fight is over. Grab the gold chest and continue east to another ice block puzzle. This one requires you to push both forward so they are in line with each other. Push the one that is on the right to the left, then push the other block all the way around the outside of the puzzle so it collides with the first block, then up so it reaches the wall you wish to climb.

Here you’ll reach another campfire. Take the north path, grab the iron key and fight the golem. After this you’ll find another gold key. Turn left and jump up a few hard to see ledges, where you will encounter a bunch of ice goblins. You will find Vinci once again, who will ask you for another sketch.

Nanook Part 3

Continue forward, killing spiders and skeletons until you get to an ice bridge. Kill the birds and climb a rocky surface to another fight. The next bit is linear until you reach a campfire. Another snowball fight now, same process as before. As with Ferno, when Nanook is low in health he will enter a randomised QTE sequence. Once completed, Nanook is free!

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