Welcome to the first part of this Beast Quest walkthrough guide! This first chapter will give you everything you need to know to free Ferno – the first of the legendary beasts featured in the Beast Quest video game

Before you begin upon your quest, it is worth taking notice of the difficulty setting. For Xbox Achievement or PlayStation Trophy hunters who are a bit more experienced, it’s worth diving straight into Beast Master difficulty, as there is an Achievement/Trophy tied to this. The first couple of battles may be a bit tricky, but once you’ve earned enough AP to power up an ability or two there will be very little in the way of a challenge. 

Beast Quest Ferno Tutorial

Beast Quest screenshot

Immediately upon starting the game the tutorial will begin. Follow the linear path until you enter combat training. Follow the on screen instructions until you enter combat with the wolf.

After you’ve finished killing the wolf you will enter the first town. Note that on the mini map are keys and chests. Continue forward and you will see pulsing dots: these indicate a quest is available. The first quest giver is named Thoren and to his right is a key and chest.

Thoren’s quest requires you to collect eight nearby crops and return them to him. Continue in to town and you will unlock your first campfire and the game will automatically save. To the right of the campfire will be an arch with a woman named Ginn on the other side. Take her quest to collect eight golden rings, along with the remaining quests near the campfire which are given by Bella (five stolen cookies) and Gerta (five red flowers).

Head north to find Hark near a gate, an iron key and a bronze key. There is a bronze chest and an iron chest nearby (1/10 iron chests). Hark gives you a quest for six shiny stones. Talk to all the younger looking males around here until you find five cookies. Return the quest to Bella and she gives you another quest. Exit through the gate to enter the Grassy Plains. Grab the red flower and follow the path behind the rock.

Into the Grassy Plains

Follow the wall to the left and grab another rose. Run up to the wolves to engage, watch their faces and try to time your dodge so you can counter attack (that is a perfect dodge). If you find that difficult then block their attacks and try for dodges when you’re stronger. Pick up your third red flower after the fight. To heal you must buy potions or just let yourself die. If you die, you lose no progress but are healed fully. Next attack the birds, and once vanquished you should have enough skill points to purchase your first upgrade. We recommend Flame Sword. Next, grab the last flower and activate the campfire.

There is a single enemy to the north. He is really easy to practice perfect dodges with; if he goes left then the second he raises his weapon, you dodge left. If he goes right then the second he raises his weapon, you dodge right. However, if he swings both of his hands back you dodge either way. Should you have enough AP, go to skills and unlock Small Attack Upgrade 1/3. Go to your map, which is below skills, and select the campfire back at town. Turn in the quest to Gerta who has a green arrow above her head. Purchase skill Small Attack Upgrade 2/3 and return to the Grassy Plains campfire.

Continue down the path the solo bandit was on. Kill a different bandit on a bridge, grab the bronze key and kill the next guy too. Right after that is your first gold key under a bridge. Grab it before carrying on to your next sparing match. Shortly after you will find yet another foe that is by a gold chest. Kill him, grab the chest and continue running along the linear pathway.

Forest of Fear

As soon as you enter the next area grab the iron key and use it on the iron chest near by then to your north is a bronze key followed by a bronze chest. Fast travel back to the city and talk to Bella to give her the swords you got from defeating bandits. Grab a bronze chest while you are here. Also, give out 5 cookies to the adults in the town square and turn in the quest.

Travel back to the Forest of Fear. Follow the path to the north and the game will suggest moving a block. Do so by sliding it until it collides with another block with a single push. There are a few of these puzzles in the game, but this first one has a very obvious solution. Once pushed into the obvious space, climb on top of it, grab the key and unlock the nearby chest.

Kill the bandits, grab the bronze key and open the near by chest. Grab the gold key on the bridge in front of you, followed by a bronze key and fight the spider. Open a bronze chest and then continue to fight the spiders near another iron key. Continue north to fight a single goblin. There are another couple near by to kill and an iron key to your west. Ignore that area for now and go towards the gold chest, which is east.

Go behind the big rock and you can climb up the rocky surface to the gold chest. Now kill the wolves and grab the near by iron chest to the southeast. Head back to the previous area and move the rock to grab the key. Fight another spider and grab another key. A couple steps ahead will have a cutscene that marks this next part of this chapter.

Better with Friends

Beast Quest screenshot

Now that you have some companions, stand on the nearby edge looking across at the gold key. If you turn left you will see a rocky surface you can climb on. Grab the gold key and fight the spider, then grab the bronze key and open the chest soon after it. You now reach another campfire, saving the game and unlocking fast travel to here. Continue north to a rocky surface, climb and grab the near by iron chest. Talk to the character named Vinci for another small mission, and then grab the nearby key and open the chest.

Chop this tree down, cross it, grab the iron key, turn left and kill the goblins. Open the iron chest and the gold chest. Don’t forget the bronze key also. Kill the spider to the north, grab a key and kill yet another spider. Chop down the four highlighted trees, continuing along them, until you reach mainland again and yet another campfire. Be careful not to fall into the water. Open the iron chest to the east and prepare for your first attempt for the crux of this guide – to free the Beast Quest Ferno – a very easy fight. Head north and collect the picture nearby key. Return it to Vinci, then return here to open the bronze chest and the iron chest. Kill the spider and get the next bronze chest.

There is a series of platform challenges here, but what comes next…

Beast Quest Ferno

This time is just as easy as the last, as all boss fights in Beast Quest have three stages. After a successful bout, move onwards and kill a green lizard, cross a stone bridge, and kill another lizard. There will be yet another lizard before climbing a rocky surface to a red lizard. You will then fight three reds, turn right and fight another red. Jump over some gaps and take a left when you can. Climb the wall, jump some more gaps and reach a campfire.

Go towards the blue lizards and kill them, then climb a wall and continue along the path. Climb another rocky surface, kill three red lizards and open a gold chest,

When you reach a cross roads of sorts you will also find a campfire. Move down the path that isn’t on fire, grab the many keys on the way (including a gold) and you will reach a sheer wall to climb. This third boss fight is a bit tougher than the two previous encounters. You will need to dodge plenty, and may need to use some health potions. As the boss fight comes to a close there will be a randomised QTE. Complete this and Beast Quest Ferno is free!

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