Wanting to free Beast Quest Epos and complete the game? You’ve come to the right place! This is the fourth instalment of ChitHot’s Beast Quest Walkthrough Guide. If you missed the first three parts, be sure to check out the links below. Otherwise, let’s dive in!

Beast Quest Walkthrough Guide

Beast Quest Epos

After freeing Arcta you can now glide with your shield. Look to the gap, glide over it and kill a golem. Keep gliding and killing until you hit a load screen.

Go east, kill some skeletons and then chop a tree down. Then kill three more skeletons and continue north. After killing a golem you will find a campfire and Vinci. A gold key is nearby, and Vinci’s final picture is right next to it. Collect it and return it.

Continue east, through some skeletons and climb a rocky surface on the left of the gap. Glide down the next gap and kill a golem. There will be another rocky surface you can climb up and another fight. Go right, cross a long bridge and after a gap you will fight some more. Turn right and glide down. Fight again and continue around the bend. You will reach a campfire, go west and down some steps. When you have more than one choice, turn left and continue west.

When the hallway opens up take a right and follow the arrows on the walls and floors. After the a few solo enemies the arrows will lead you to the armour you are looking for. Turn right, towards a gold key and a skeleton followed by a campfire.

Epos Arrives

Keep going the only direction you can and you will enter a boss fight. Call your ally and Epos should be down in one hit. Continue south, glide across a gap and eventually reach a rocky surface to climb. There will be a lot of birds in this linear section. Soon you will climb a rocky surface and glide across a gap to another bird and a campfire. Go north after a fight and turn right. Glide over the lava and climb a rocky surface.

Turn left at the top, cross more lava and kill another bird. Climb a rocky surface, kill a bird, grab a gold chest and kill three more birds before reaching another campfire. Continue down the linear path to another boss fight. This time he will summon three birds. After they die he will come in close. After the fight, turn around and take the left path (opposite where we came from). Cross the lava and turn right, fighting when necessary. Cross some more lava, turn left and kill a golem. Cross another gap, turn left and enter a room with blue crystals. Follow the linear path to another campfire.

If you have been carrying the pet rock for the sidequest, at this point a message will tell you he is homesick and the quest can be completed by returning the rock.

The Final Battle

Continue east down the path towards some birds. This next part is straight forward until you hit a cutscene and a campfire. Head the direction you are facing and you will encounter the final boss fight. Summon your ally if you can to make this much simpler. There will be a QTE that follows, and as usual it is random. After beating the boss you will view a cutscene, marking the end of Beast Quest!

Once the credits have rolled you will be returned to the world, where you can complete any side quests and/or Achievements or Trophies you may have missed!

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