Going to ground, Frontier Developments has announced Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The latest expansion for the hugely popular space simulation will launch in 2021.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will bring a new era to the long running space simulation. Allowing players to touch down on new planets, players can experience the galaxy in a brand new way. For the first time, players will be able to explore with unrestricted freedom from a first person, feet-on-the-ground perspective.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey scrreenshot

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey‘s emergent gameplay will let players forge their own path through a wide variety of missions. Are you looking to bring diplomacy and commerce to new worlds? Or take your chances with lethal stealth and all-out combat.

Conflict will rage as players venture into Elite Dangerous: Odyssey‘s combat experience. Coordinating with teammates and selecting the right equipment for the mission at hand will be key to master a tactical sphere of group combat where Commanders, SRVs and starships converge.

After all that battling across the galaxy players can find solace and regroup in social hubs. Plan your next contracts, form new alliances and even procure the coveted services of the Engineers. These public spaces are also the ideal place to acquire and upgrade weapons and gear to suit each Commander’s own style.

Elite Dangerous Odyssey scrreenshot

Odyssey is our most ambitious Elite Dangerous expansion to date,” said David Braben, Founder and CEO of Frontier. “Extending coverage to the super-fine scale that is needed for on-foot gameplay while maintaining the vast raw distances measured in light years, is a huge achievement by the team, and greatly extends the already rich Elite Dangerous experience. We hope you will join us to continue this journey of discovery and adventure when Elite Dangerous: Odyssey launches in early 2021.”

Frontier Studios are based in the UK along with DiRT 5 developers Codemasters. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is the latest expansion for the popular Elite Dangerous. Watch the debut trailer here and make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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