The Xbox Series X|S launched late last year, ushering in a new generation of gaming consoles. Alongside the PlayStation 5, both consoles undeniably had issues with their software line-ups. However, the truth is that both systems came with a handful of interesting launch titles. Here’s the best Xbox Series X games available at launch.

It would be impossible to suggest that the Xbox Series X|S arrived with a smash hit title. There was nothing akin to Super Mario 64 or Halo: Combat Evolved on the bill. Indeed, there was not even a specific headline act. However, there was a collection of games fine tuned for the Xbox Series X|S that you may have missed. Here’s the seven best Xbox Series X games made available during the launch window.

The Best Xbox Series X|S Games Right Now

It’s hard to deny the fantastic value for money that Xbox Game Pass offers. So much so that Sony Interactive Entertainment is said to be following suit with the PlayStation 5 in due course. And with that, one of the best Xbox Series X games was featured as a title on the subscription service.

Tetris Effect Connected keyart

Tetris Effect Connected

‘It’s just Tetris?!’ I hear you cry. And though there may be some truth in that statement, it misses the point entirely. Tetris Effect Connected is the long-lived puzzle game’s magnum opus. Tetris has been many things, but you’ve never experienced it as a rhythm game until you’ve played Tetris Effect Connected. Unless you’ve been fortunate enough to play Tetris Effect for PlayStation VR, that is.

Concept Destruction keyart

Concept Destruction

You miss Demolition Derby, right? I mean, who doesn’t? Well, here’s the best answer you’ve been given in years: Concept Destruction. As short-lived an experience as it may be, Concept Destruction is a super fun and enjoyable crash-’em-all game. What’s more, it’s available to download for Xbox Series X|S at a bargain price.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon keyart

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Of all the titles on this list, Yakuza: Like a Dragon is likely to be the one you’ve heard most about. A timed semi-exclusive release (the game will eventually be made available on pretty much everything, and already is on PlayStation 4), Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the latest in the much-loved Yakuza series. However, Yakuza: Like a Dragon mixes up the formula quite a lot, bringing in a host of new characters, functions and a completely overhauled combat system.

Observer System Redux keyart

Observer: System Redux

While Observer: System Redux is essentially an upscale of the well received Observer, it is a significant overhaul. Boasting 4K resolution, upgraded textures, new animations, models and effects, Ray-Tracing and HDR lighting, Observer: System Redux packs some visual clout. Furthermore, three brand-new side cases add another layer of depth to the game’s story and bring new game mechanics, new secrets to find and dozens of quality-of-life improvements.

DiRT 5 screenshot

DiRT 5

Needing little introduction, DiRT 5 is the latest title in the series that became famous as Colin McRae’s DiRT. While the series has gone through highs (DiRT 2) and lows (DiRT 3) it’s always maintained a line as a competent racer. DiRT 5 doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of DiRT 2, but it does deliver a hugely enjoyable racing game that mixes up it’s challenges and even throws in a fantastic co-op gameplay option.

The Falconeer

The most unique title on this list, The Falconeer is an open-world air combat game. Featuring fast, brutal aerial dogfights and deep exploration of a fantasy world, The Falconeer takes players to the skies and down through the ocean depths. Take advantage of multiple classes with individual stats, weapons and warbirds. Upgrade your falcon by winning battles, completing quests or discovering secrets.

Bright Memory keyart

Bright Memory 1.0

While it may essentially be an extended demo for the forthcoming Bright Memory Infinite, Bright Memory 1.0 is a deep and visually stunning FPS game. Developed by a single person under the name FYQD-Studio, Bright Memory 1.0 mashes up sci-fi gunplay with fantasy settings and enemies. It mixes combat and light puzzle solving in an action-packed experience that may only last a few hours, but offers replayability through dozens of unlockables in a three-fold New Game+ design. Bright Memory 1.0 promises more fantastic action to come, and Xbox Series X|S owners would be foolish to sleep on this early taste of something special.

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