505 Games has today launched the critically acclaimed Death Stranding on the Game Pass for PC service. The original version of Hideo Kojima’s genre-defying epic lands on the Microsoft ecosystem for the first time, available to audiences who are subscribed to the PC version of Xbox Game Pass.

Created by Kojima Productions, the game stars renowned actor Norman Reedus as Sam “Porter” Bridges. Playing as Bridges, players must traverse the remnants of a devastated America. The landscape is plagued by a series of supernatural phenomenon, known as the Death Stranding. Your mission is to journey westward and connect those remaining after humanity’s near-extinction. 

Death Stranding screenshot

Death Stranding tells a groundbreaking story of perseverance through an emotional adventure. From today, gamers in the Xbox community can now experience for the first time. 

Connect with people around the world via the unique Social Strand System. Contribute hard-earned resources to improve your surroundings, as well as the worlds of other players. Strategically place highways, zip-lines, safehouses and other structures to make terrain more easily traversable and earn ‘Likes’ from the community. Promote unity by ‘Liking’ player-created structures appearing in your own world.

Death Stranding Game Pass Debut

The game originally launched for PlayStation 4 in 2019. The PC version debuted the following year, and the PlayStation 5 received it’s own ‘Director’s Cut’ release in 2021. However, the release of the game via Game Pass for PC sees Death Stranding incorporated into the Xbox ecosystem for the first time. Albeit, not specifically on an Xbox console.

Now is available to download via Game Pass for PC, the game is free to all subscribers of the service. It joins other recent releases including Quake 4 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Will you be playing Death Stranding via Game Pass for PC? Is it your first time playing the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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