The Ghostwire: Tokyo launch date has been revealed by Tango Gameworks and Bethesda. The upcoming action-adventure game will launch on PlayStation 5 and PC on 25th March, 2022. Ghostwire: Tokyo is predicted to be one of the best PlayStation exclusives of 2022.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will allow players to visit a unique world filled with characters from Japanese legends, folklore, and tales. These stories have inspired many of the unusual creatures you will encounter. Ghostwire: Tokyo aims to deliver a ‘true-to-Tokyo’ flavor. Players will traverse Tokyo’s ultra-modern cityscape, discover iconic landmarks, and uncover secrets hidden throughout it.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is a first-person, action-adventure game in which players will master the art of ‘Ethereal Weaving’. Basically casting spells. With a fancy name.

This comes while working to defeat Hannya and his followers, the Visitors, who have invaded Tokyo. Expect lots of brutal fighting against very weird supernatural creatures. Much like Tango Gameworks’ The Evil Within series.

Players who venture off the beaten path will also find characters in need of assistance and countless spirits in need of rescuing. Plus some purry friends who can exchange rare finds for generous rewards. Optional stories in Ghostwire: Tokyo are not the usual side content fare, but rather new tales that further flesh out the game’s world and vision.

Ghostwire: Tokyo Pre-Order Bonuses

Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition

Players who digitally pre-order the Deluxe Edition of Ghostwire: Tokyo from the PlayStation Store will gain early access to the game on 22nd March, 2022. Meanwhile, Play Asia are offering a physical ‘Deluxe Edition’ including access to the Streetwear Outfit Pack, Shinobi Outfit, and Kunai Weapon.

Eager players can get an in-depth first look at the game’s gameplay and atmosphere in the video below. 

Ghostwire: Tokyo launch date will be on 25th March, 2022, available worldwide for PlayStation 5 and PC. Are you planning on picking up the game? Have you pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition? Let us know in the comments section below!

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