Published by Sometimes You, Music Racer: Ultimate is a dynamic music-based racing game. This isn’t another Gran Turismo or even Mario Kart. The game lets you not only choose your ride but your very own rhythm, too. 

Music Racer is a dynamic rhythm game loved by millions of players around the world. Music Racer: Ultimate brings a host of brand new features to the game. Including allowing players access to a huge library of original music, as well as songs by world renowned artists.

Music Racer: Ultimate screenshot

The game sees players rushing along futuristic, neon tracks, lining up your drive train to the beat of the music. Racecourses are generated in real-time, meaning the speed and mood of each run are determined by the musical compositions chosen. Different obstacles and rewards can be attained for each track.

Music Racer is already available on Xbox One, and if you own it you will receive a -50% discount for the Xbox Series X|S version. The same applies for PlayStation 4 owners, who will receive a discount when purchasing the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

Music Racer: Ultimate will be released on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on 4th March, 2022. It will be priced at $6.99 USD on all platforms. There’s still time to pre-order, and players who do on the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions will receive a -20% discount.

Are you interested in getting your racing on to the beat? We’ll have a review of Music Racer: Ultimate coming soon. But in the meantime, let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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