34BigThings and Saber Interactive have released a new Redout 2 gameplay trailer, the next entry in the award-winning anti-gravity racing franchise. Redout 2 will launch later this year on a multitude of gaming platforms.

Cast as a pilot in the galaxy’s most popular sport, players will take on rivals in solo and multiplayer races. You must master high-speed hoverships with in-depth controls and customisation. All of this is accompanied by electric visuals and a high octane original soundtrack.

Redout 2 screenshot

Redout 2 is a futuristic racing game. There’s a total of 36 unique tracks set to be included. Each of these can be played in reverse for a grand total of 72 tracks. Players must strafe, tilt and boost their way to first place, navigating through mind-bending courses in a variety of game modes. These include Arena Races, Time Attacks, Last Man Standing and intense Boss Races.

34BigThings are promising an expansive single-player campaign and competitive online multiplayer for up to 12 players (up to six players on Nintendo Switch). When taking the race online, don’t forget to customise your hovership! A massive selection of options allow you to feel the rush with a challenge tailored to your preferences.

Redout 2 Gameplay Trailer

The new Redout 2 gameplay trailer (available below) showcases the game in action, plus many of the gameplay modes that will be available from day one.

The original Redout was highly acclaimed at launch. The game featured an intentionally tough difficulty curve which deterred some gamers. However, by and large it was seen as one of the best futuristic racers in recent memory. Hopes are high that the sequel can not only do the series justice, but take the action one step further.

Redout 2 will launch on Steam, the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.

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