Tunic is a wonderful game. But it’s also a game that hides almost everything behind a puzzle. Puzzles behind puzzles, even. Many of the basic mechanics that we take for granted are hidden away, such as simple thinks like reading the manual or having Tunic levelling-up. Here’s a Tunic levelling-up guide to help you with the latter!

Whether you’re playing with the Tunic easy mode options turned on or powering through the default challenge, learning how to upgrade your abilities is essential. However, the game never tells you how to do this. By the time you reach the game’s first real boss fight, Tunic‘s Garden Knight, you’ll be wishing you’d solved that puzzle earlier.

Don’t worry though! It’s not a complex procedure. And if you are at that exact point of the game right now, backtracking to level-up isn’t too much of an ordeal.

Throughout the game you’ll find various items, Upon discovering them Tunic will offer no information as to what they do. The likes of bombs, potions and weapons are pretty self explanatory, but also you’ll find items, like flowers, mushrooms and fangs. These seemingly have no purpose. However, they’re actually very important.

Tunic Levelling-Up

Tunic Levelling-Up Guide

These items provide upgrades to your character. To use one or more, you’ll need to find a checkpoint statue. When you’re stood by it pressing the A button will restore your health and potion inventory. However, press LB. You can then make an offering of an item and some currency, which in turn will grant you an upgrade.

Here’s what each item does:

  • Fang: Increases attack.
  • Fox statue: Increases defence.
  • Square flower: Increases potion effectiveness.
  • Pink flower: Increases health points.
  • Leaf: Increases stamina points.
  • Mushroom: Increases magic points.

And so there you have it! Tunic levelling-up is a simple yet not immediately obvious process. Did this guide help you on your adventure? Let us know in the comments below!

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