Want to know how to find the wand in Tunic? In addition to close combat with your sword and throwing bombs or dynamite, you can engage in ranged attacks with this new weapon. In this guide we’ll cover how to find the wand in Tunic. This is only accessible after you’ve rung the bell in the West Belltower and gained access to the Sealed Temple.

How to Find the Wand in Tunic

After heading into the Sealed Temple, take the passage on the right and follow the path around to find an exit leading out onto a mountain ledge. Follow the ledge and climb the ladder at the end. This route is a little obscured by the camera angle, however you will see an interact button prompt appear when you reach the end. This will be for a ladder. Climb it ladder and kill the nearby Rudeling next to the telescope.

From there, head left and go across the wooden bridge to find a strange golden block stood on a platform. The wand is right in front of it. Simply walk over to the block and interact with the item on the floor.

How to Find the Wand in Tunic

The wand isn’t automatically equipped like the shield or lantern, but rather counts as a weapon like the sword. You can equip it in the same fashion as the sword, and change it for additional items you may find later in the game.

That completes our guide on how to find the wand in Tunic! Are you stuck elsewhere in the game? Be sure to check out our other guides for the game below.

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