Welcome to Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village. This page contains information on the Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Basement. Below you will find information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles, such as Files and Goats of Warding.

Having successfully made your way through the Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Entrance, it’s time to take the fight to Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters! The next stage of our mission has us running through various locations within the castle and battling some new enemy types.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Basement screenshot

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Basement

Having entered a secret passage you’ll be safe from Lady Dimitrescu’s daughter’s advances for the moment. As you move through the old room look for a tray table with A Maid’s Diary File.

Moving down the stairs, grab the Rusted Scrap from an alcove, and crouch down at the end to find a small hole leading to a Tasting Room. Lady Dimitrescu just happens to be leaving as you enter, carrying what appears to be the silver-adorned bottle you need.

With Dimitrescu gone, look on a table near where you crawled out to get some Handgun Ammo. Move around the Tasting Room to the next set of stairs. Note the ceiling as you enter the hall. There’s a Crystal Fragment hidden above.

Further into the Wine Cellar, crack open a nearby crate and make your way into the Hall of War. A puzzle is at the end, with a clue which can be found as you turn around. “Trust the light.”

Push the hanging brazier to push it towards each of the pillars on the side. Each will ignite when touched. Once both are lit, the way will be made clear.

Next is the prison, which is eerily silent. Move through the first row of cells until you reach a blockade. Check on the right for a Treatment Candidates File. Head left through a cell with a broken wall to get around the barricade, and search the opposite cell for another letter, an Observation Report File. Once you reach the larger open room lined with cells and hanging body bags you’ll realise that you’re no longer alone. Before continuing, check each of the cells along the walls for crates to break.

Slowly enter the next hallway. Three bloodless ghouls called the Moroaica will start shambling out to greet you. These enemies are slower than Lycans, but will often swing some deadly looking weapons. If they get too close you can also shoot their arms and legs to disarm and stun them. Once the first group has fallen, head back into the hall and search the cell on the left for some Lei. Move along the broken cell walls towards another crate, watch for a hole in the wall at the end where another Moroaica will crawl out of. After collecting the Pipe Bomb from the crate where the Moroaica crawled out of, move into the Chamber of Solace.

Move forward through the room until you see several Moroaicas coming out of the cells. Defeat them and loot the corpses as they turn to dust, which should include a trinket from the Maiden Demo, Ingrid’s Necklace. Grab some Shotgun Ammo on a nearby barrel before you move towards a hole in the ceiling, where another Moroaica or two should shamble out.

Finally, search the cells on the right wall for Handgun Ammo and Rusted Scrap. As you move into the next dungeon area there’s a locked door up ahead. However, as you turn right you’ll run into one of Dimitrescu’s daughters. To escape, you’ll need to quickly navigate the maze of bars and get around her to the exit.

Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Basement screenshot

Dimitrescu’s Daughters – First Fight

As the fight starts, back up and let her come through the first gate. Run right to the far wall, through a broken spot back towards the middle. She’ll try and ambush you, so duck past her and head to the far wall. Take the stairs to get away. She’ll keep following you, so ignore the items for now and go up the stairs, then to the right. You’ll find a weak wooden wall to interact with. Before you can get away, she’ll launch you into the next room.

With the extreme cold blowing in she won’t be able to dodge your bullets anymore. Take this opportunity to swap to your shotgun and unload. She may be slower now, but she can still fight. You can try sidestepping her to strafe around the room, but if you get cornered time your block to punch and force her back.

There’s more Handgun Ammo on a table on the side of the room, and on the shelf in the back. Eventually she’ll shatter at your feet, leaving behind a Crystal Torso you can sell to The Duke. One daughter down, two to go.

Not only is breaking the windows a key component of making Dimitrescu’s daughters vulnerable, but there’s also an Achievement/Trophy in it for you if you can break every window possible in the castle (they can be broken if they aren’t covered by curtains). You can shoot the other window in this room to get started on this task.

You can head back to the basement to find Chem Fluid on a barrel by the passage entrance. Some Shotgun Ammo is by the stairs leading down. There’s also more ammo and Lei in the crates back in the maze.

Moving into the kitchen, grab the Sanguis Virginis from the bloody bowl and then check a nearby cabinet for A Cook’s Diary File. Before leaving the kitchen, smash the crate and check the fireplace for some Rusted Scrap.

The real prize waits in the next hall. You can see a small briefcase on a table next to a locked drawer, and opening the briefcase reveals your first Weapon Mod, the LEMI Recoil Compensator. As for the locked drawer, be sure to search the table along the hall for a Lockpick. However, it’s your choice if you want to unlock the drawer behind you for a Wooden Angel Statue you can sell for Lei, or head back to the bedchamber to unlock a drawer with Shotgun Ammo.

The Dining Room has a locked door leading to the Courtyard, but for now you can inspect the drawers on the far end for Gunpowder. Look carefully along the ceiling for a glowing spot to shoot and claim a Crystal Fragment.

Even though you’ve defeated one of the other daughters, the other two may try to chase you in the areas around the Great Hall. Luckily they move fairly slow and give up easily. They also won’t go into the Dining Room or similarly cold areas nearby, giving you lots of places to escape.

With the bottle of bloodwine in your inventory, head back to the Main Hall and up toward the Tasting Room on the second floor. Place the Sanguis Virginis on its rightful stand to unlock a secret room that holds the Courtyard Key, as well as some Gunpowder.

That completes the Resident Evil Village Castle Dimitrescu Basement! Next up, we’ll be taking the fight to the rest of the family in the Castle Dimitrescu Chambers.