Welcome to Chit Hot’s walkthrough guide for Resident Evil Village. This Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Fourth Visit) article contains all the details of Ethan’s fourth visit to The Village, following your escape from The Reservoir and the Salvatore Moreau Boss Fight. This guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles you can find along the way, including how to obtain the Riverside Treasure, where to find the Golden Fish.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Fourth Visit)

First things first, be sure to visit the back left corner of East Old Town. Here, you can finally open the mechanical door using the Crank. Inside you’ll find defenseless chickens here for two Poultry. There’s also an outhouse here, but it’s already open. And there’s an arrow pointing to the left. Back up a bit and look under the house on the left to spot an open jar, and look inside to get Yellow Quartz.

Finally, there’s a nearby ladder that will take you up to a small ledge overlooking East Old Town. Move along the ledge and you can drop down onto the roof of a shed to find a chest containing a Pigeon Blood Ruby.

Before heading back to the Altar, follow Heisenberg’s signs to the Graveyard. You’ll find two black mountain goats here, which will give you four Meat. Return to The Duke to hand in your food.

The River Boat Treasures

Make your way back to the Ceremony Site from the Altar and stop at the large bridge. Head down to the right, and you can lower the drawbridge on the side using your new Crank.

Cross the drawbridge and you’ll find a crate and a boat you can use to ride up and down the river. Start by taking the boat north towards Castle Dimitrescu. You can’t re-enter the castle, but you can disembark at a small dock and lower a crank back to the hut outside the Tower of Worship.

Head into the shack. If you missed it previously, you’ll find a Gunpowder here. More importantly, use the Well Wheel to dredge up the well and find a ladder heading down. Within, you’ll find two treasure puzzles.

Descend into the well and look in the puddles of water to find a Lockpick. Move forward to find a room full of hanging spike traps. There’s a puzzle to solve here, which will unlock the gate at the far end.

Dimitrescu’s Necklace Puzzle

Grab the Mine on the right, then move towards the locked gate and climb up onto the raised platform, and then up to another raised platform to reach a ledge. There’s a Pipe Bomb here, and a control panel that raises and lowers a few of the spike traps.

Hit the two white lights to bring up both platforms at the far end up, including the one with the minecart on it. Cross to the other side and grab some Shotgun Ammo, then push the nearby cart forward until you can reach the minecart on the platform. Push it off to create a platform which will get you over to the ledge with the crate.

Next, drop down into the hole. Open the chest for a Large Pigeon Blood Ruby, and look under the torture rack for Flashbangs and Magnum Ammo. Unlocking the door will pull up all the spike trap platforms. You should now have both Pigeon Blood Rubies, which you can combine with the Necklace with two holes to complete the treasure Dimitrescu’s Necklace.

Resident Evil Village - Dimitrescu's Necklace Treasure

Golden Lady Treasure Puzzle

Head back across the drawbridge and look for a door with torches on the side to enter a treasure hold. This secret area holds two unlit torches with a swinging brazier in the middle, and another unlit torch in the far room, along with a crate.

To unlock the three doors, start by lighting the two torches in the first room. Crouch down behind the brazier to angle your pistol shot upward so the brazier swings hard into a torch, then do the same for the other side. The doors will unlock as the torches are lit. The one on the left holds a treasure trove of Lei, while the other door has a few crates, and a hole in the wall that a Ghoul will start crawling out of.

The second room with the torch can’t be reached by the swinging brazier, and killing the ghoul will simply result in another one crawling out. You’ll need to use the Ghoul to carry the flame to the other torch. After it enters the room, push the brazier into it to set it alight. This won’t kill it, so instead make it chase you towards the torch to open the final room. Then you can kill it.

Inside the final room you’ll find the Golden Lady Statue, as well as Magnum Ammo. Once collected, head back to the boat.

Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide - The Village (Fourth Visit)

Time to Gear Up

Taking the riverboat south away from the Castle and down towards the Reservoir. You’ll reach a dead end with a dock to disembark at. Take the left path to a fishing hole with a rare fish, granting the Finest Fish Meat, along with two more Fish Meat. Take the right path and you’ll enter a small tunnel that opens into a large cavern. There’s a ton of free loot here, including Handgun Ammo, an Antique Coin straight out of Resident Evil 7: biohazard, two MinesFlashbangs and Explosive Rounds. A nearby metal case can be opened to obtain the W870 TAC – Foregrip Mod for the shotgun.

Finally, check the computer for the Analysis Results File. This will also trigger three Ghouls to climb onto the path. Deal with them and then head back to the Village.

Otto’s Mill

Follow Heisenberg’s trail of signs out of the village, take a detour past the church to the Fallow Plot. Here, you’ll find a new enemy. This beast won’t take too kindly to your grenade launcher’s flashbangs. Shoot the creature’s head a few times and prepare your flashbang as it charges. Once it’s stunned, follow up with a few magnum rounds, shotgun hits, or explosive rounds.

When the beast falls, you’ll gain its Crystal Ancient Beast which sells for a huge sum of Lei to The Duke.

Back on the path to the Stronghold, use the Six Wing Unborn Key, but take the left path at the last “Good Luck” sign to come out onto a large lumber mill.

Goat of Warding – Under the mill, look for a small shrine in the middle of the stream.

The door on the right side of the mill is locked, so cross the stream to the far side to find a crate near a locked gate you can destroy. Inside the pen is a pig you which will give you two Meat, a crate and two Mines. Turn around from them and you can find a Crystal Fragment atop an old snow-covered generator. Once you’ve collected all these items, head inside the mill.

Inside the Mill

A loud scream will ring out as you enter, followed by loud thudding noises. These are coming from another giant enemy with an equally giant axe. Unlike the other giant fight, you’ll have a lot more room to maneuver here. Use everything in your disposal to slow him down. Plant mines, toss pipe bombs, and use explosive rounds when he’s standing still.

When the giant finally falls, collect his Giant Crystal Axe and cut open all three padlocks on the far door. In the cannibal’s storehouse, you can find a ton of meat to give to the Duke, including three MeatPoultry, and Fish Meat. The room also has an Herb to replenish your health, as well as Metal Scrap, and Ernest’s Diary File.

Finally, enter the last room to find a small table with a chest holding the real prize: Father Nichola’s Angel. Grab the Gunpowder before you leave, and then head outside.

A group of Lycans will try to rush you from the exit to the mill. Luckily, there are several explosive barrels lining the stream. Lure a group of them near one and explode it to take them all out, then wait for any stragglers and repeat the process. They’ll easily fall for your trap.

Next it’s time to infiltrate that Stronghold. But for now, that completes this Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – The Village (Fourth Visit). Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.