Welcome to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide. This page contains information on the opening act of the game, Ethan’s first arrival to The Village. This Resident Evil Village guide includes information on secrets, treasures, and collectibles, including Files and Goats of Warding, that you can find along the way.

Resident Evil Village Guide – The Village

After being abducted by Chris Redfield and his mysterious team you awaken in the snow next to a dead body and the remains of the vehicle you were being kidnapped in. Answering the dead man’s phone provides little clue as to what’s going on. Your only real course of action is to follow the path.

From this point you can access your map and journal. You can keep track of Ethan’s thoughts in diary entries, as well as reviewing the Files you have found so far.

Before leaving the crashed vehicle look near the dead body to find a Mission Briefing File. Next, follow the trail of footprints someone has left leading away from the crash into the woods. Once you reach a dead end crouch down to scramble under some barbed wire, and then onward through a group of hanged birds. You’ll eventually drop down to an area below. Keep moving forward until you cross a small footbridge.

Resident Evil Village - The Village screenshot

Into The Village

You will see a home, which you should approach. Note that you can open a drawer on the right as you advance – it may be empty, but it’s worth checking every interactive object as you move forward to find useful items.

Stop the leaky sink as you move into the next room. The cupboard here is also empty. Turn and follow the blood trail into the hall leading down to a basement. As you move through the lower rooms, look for a face down framed picture of an ominous figure you can find on a table. A pile of wooden planks will fall down as you proceed, and you can turn left to see they were obscuring a drawing of a four winged being on the wall.

Open the cabinet at the end of the room. Yet again, it will be empty. However, this will trigger the next sequence. Return the way you came.

A dresser will have been knocked over in front of the door back to the main room. Crouch down to crawl under and find a giant hole in the side of the house. Exit through the new hole and follow the obvious path, Lean into the fence to jump over it.

As you make it to a clearing you’ll see a castle perched above a small and empty looking village, as bells ring out across the valley.

This completes our walkthrough of the first visit to The Village in Resident Evil Village! Head to Chit Hot’s Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide main page for the next steps.