Zerouno Games’ their rock music inspired rogue-like 3D Shooter Metal Tales: Overkill debuts on multiple formats today. Now available digitally for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, a physical edition is set to follow exclusively on Nintendo Switch.  

Metal Tales: Overkill was funded within 8 hours on Kickstarter. Since then, the team at Zerouno Games has been developing the game to be ‘the ultimate action-adventure game where Metal and Adrenaline collide to create the ultimate 3D rogue-like guitar-shooter’. Get ready to battle against a terrible looming curse affecting your metal brothers. Do you have what it takes to free them from this ancient evil. Are you ready to become the ultimate Rock God? 

Metal Tales: Overkill screenshot

The God Kuk is possessing all the guitar gods. And through them, the metalheads. Through infinite concerts he is helping his legion of metalhead zombies wipe out every original creation of metal bands. What’s more, he’s also after their dedicated fans. As legions of metalheads are stripped from their passion, only one person can grind through the challenge and come out victorious.

Choose your path carefully through the procedurally generated levels and battle the evil hordes looking to destroy you at every turn. As each playthrough will be different, grab your guitar, don your ripped jeans and dive right back into the intense action one more time. 

Metal Tales: Overkill Debut Digitally, Physical to Follow

The previously mentioned Metal Tales: Overkill debuts digital editions are live now on multiple formats. However, there are two special boxed Nintendo Switch editions of Metal Tales: Overkill set to be made available in Europe. Both in extremely limited numbers available. The ‘Deluxe Edition‘, published by Tesura Games, will include the following:

  • A full colour printed manual.
  • A themed guitar pick.
  • A sticker sheet. 
Metal Tales: Overkill Deluxe Edition

The special boxed ‘Collector’s Edition’, published by Zerouno Games, will include the following:

  • A sticker sheet.
  • A guitar pick.
  • A colour manual.
  • A 56 page artbook.
  • A magnetic bottle opener.
  • A specially created Collector’s Edition box. 

Are you ready to get your rock on? Going for the digital or physical version of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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