Sony recently announced that the long awaited VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) compatibility for PlayStation 5 was ready. While a number of titles have received updates to support the new feature, it seems that the PlayStation 5 system itself doesn’t actually need a system update, as Sony has brought the setting to the options menu. All it takes is a quick restart of the console. Read on for full details of how to enable VRR on PlayStation 5.

The VRR update for the PlayStation 5 is now live, though you won’t find it in a software update like many expected. Instead, it appears that the option is already available on the PlayStation 5 console and all that is required is a console restart.

How to Enable VRR on PlayStation 5

All you need to do to enable VRR on your PlayStation 5 is follow the simple steps below.

  • Restart your console.
    • To restart, push the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller. Navigate to the power option and select ‘restart’.
  • Navigate to the Settings Menu.
  • Select the Screen and Video option.
  • VRR should now be displayed under ‘video output information’.

There’s also the option to force VRR for unsupported games.

If you don’t see the option after restarting your system, you may need to perform a full shutdown of your PlayStation 5. Upon reboot you should see the options to enable VRR.

If you have VRR TV or monitor you can now test to see if it’s supported. You may have to make a few further adjustments with the settings of your TV/monitor to enable VRR, as the default may have it disabled. For example, you may need to enable FreeSync and/or Game Mode, Other devices may require your PlayStation 5 HDMI plugged into a specific port.

And that’s our full guide on how to enable VRR on PlayStation 5! What do you think about VRR? Does it make your gaming experience dramatically smoother? Let us know in the comments below!

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