SNK Corporation has today announced that BioMotor Unitron is now available to download on Nintendo Switch. Originally developed for the NEOGEO Pocket Color in 1999, BioMotor Unitron was the first RPG for SNK’s handheld system. The game lets players experience an epic sci-fi fantasy world and battle mighty enemies as the humanoid battle robot Unitron.

The arena is open and you’re ready for action and adventure with your BioMotor Unitron robot. The kingdom of Rhafiace has begun its Unitron robot tournament, with designs on revealing the master of masters. It’s up to you and your robot to claim fame as the mightiest of all.

BioMotor Unitron screenshot

Players can explore the kingdom with your Unitron, acquiring skills, weapons, and learning tactics that will aid in your quest for the master of masters title. Search the Land of Tridiss and its mysterious dungeons for hidden secrets. With just the right material and equipment, your engineer can create and customise your Unitron robot like no other.

You begin as a rookie and need to work your way up the ranks. In the end, however, there can be only one true master – and perhaps you’ll learn the secret of the Unitron crystals.

If the above description sounds like a Pokemon clone, you wouldn’t be too far off. However, the NEOGEO Pocket classic BioMotor Unitron was well received upon it’s launch, both critically and commercially.

The Nintendo Switch release includes a digital version of the instruction manual for the NEOGEO Pocket Color version of the game. Therefore, some specifications may differ on Nintendo Switch. Additionally, trading functions are not implemented.

The NEOGEO Pocket classic BioMotor Unitron is available to download for Nintendo Switch now, priced at $7.99/€7.99. The release follows another NEGOGEO Pocket classic, Big Bang Pro Wrestling, launched in March 2022.

Are you keen to rise through the ranks and become the master of masters? Let us know in the comments below!

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