Blow & Fly is the kind of game that everyone should be familiar with. It’s a puzzle platformer that lands somewhere between Angry Birds and Mush. While it doesn’t really deliver anything new, there’s also nothing fundamentally wrong with it. It’s an entertaining evening’s gaming, as you’ll learn in this Blow & Fly review.

The gameplay mechanics are very simple. You can move your fish via rolling with the left analogue stick, and propel them with a single button press. the fish will be launch in the opposite direction to where their mouth is facing, thus ‘blow and fly’. The objective is to move through each level in this way to reach what looks like a toilet.

Blow & Fly screenshot

The levels ramp up in difficulty quickly. Initially it’s a simple bounce from A-to-B. Soon however, you’ll face spikes and pitfalls, slanted ledges and incredibly small landing zones. Thankfully, there are two additional techniques that can be used to help navigate the levels.

Firstly, you’re able to shoot a ‘ghost fish’ as an indicator of where your current angle would propel your fish. However, as your fish is round, you must be careful not to move even a millimetre after firing if you wish to ensure it’s accuracy. Secondly, your fish can rotate without any horizontal movement when pressed up against a 90 degree angle. This can allow you time you adjust your angle unhindered.

And this is really all there is to Blow & Fly. There’s a generous amount of levels and numerous hidden bonuses, including more fish to unlock. Plus, it comes with the usual assortment of incredibly easy Achievements/Trophies that eastasiasoft are becoming known for. A boon for Gamerscore hungry gamers.

Blow & Fly screenshot

As you can no doubt tell from this Blow & Fly review, it’s an incredibly inoffensive game that will provide an evening’s worth of entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with that. But at the same time, you’ll likely have forgotten about it by the following evening. Blow & Fly is a fun game for sure, but that fun is also very short lived.

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