Meridiem Games has to announced that TAPE: Unveil the Memories will be launching as a special boxed edition for PlayStation 5 this autumn. The chilling, first-person narrative mystery game is already available for PC and PlayStation 4, and this new physical release will be exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

Developed and published by BlackChiliGoat, the game will take players to a small town in northern Spain in the 1990’s. They will take on the role of Iria as she receives a VHS tape from her father asking for help. From this message, Iria will dive into her memories. She will have to use her father’s old video camera to explore her memory and discover her family’s dark secrets. Rewind time and explore buried memories of the past. 

TAPE: Unveil the Memories screenshot

The game originally debuted on Steam in April 2022, and has been met with a positive reaction. Players have regularly highlighted the well designed puzzles and decent visual quality. The game acts as part of the ‘Gammera Nest’ franchise, which has already benefitted from Insomnis receiving a PlayStation 5 release.

Meridiem Games will be designing, manufacturing and distributing a special boxed edition of TAPE: Unveil the Memories. It will be available in specialist retail outlets across Europe. More details on the content for the special boxed edition will be released soon. 

TAPE: Unveil the Memories Trailer

No specific release date has yet been announced for the game. Only the vague ‘Autumn’ has been stated thus far. However, Chit Hot will of course keep you updated with all the latest details on this new PlayStation 5 release.

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