Meridiem Games has announced that the first-person horror game Insmonis will release as a special boxed ‘Enhanced Edition’ for PlayStation 5. The Insomnis Enhanced Edition will transport players to the mysterious and uninhabited Castevet Manor. Here, they must unravel the dark secrets hidden deep within the old residence in a story full of intrigue and horror.

In Insmonis, Joe Castevet has just inherited an old mansion on the outskirts of the countryside. What Joe doesn’t realise is that this family legacy is cursed. Players will discover the dark secrets buried deep in the Castevet abode as you fight against your own destiny in a story field with intrigue and terror.

You must explore your grandfather’s mansion where nothing is as it seems. Rooms will change, bringing your worst nightmares to life as you Immerse yourself in a morally ambiguous narrative. Solve original, complex puzzles in your search for answers. But make your decisions with caution as the fate of the characters will depend on it. 

Insmonis features multiple endings. Your choices throughout the game will decide the fate of the characters. Tread with care, lest see your favourites fall foul of the cursed mansion!

Insomnis Enhanced Edition

Insomnis Enhanced Edition PlayStation 5 Contents

Insomnis was developed and published by Path Games. Meridiem Games will be responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the boxed version of Insomnis Enhanced Edition across European territories. This includes a host of in-box physical extras for players to enjoy. The retail boxed release will include a specially created sleeve, a concept art book where you can discover more on the game’s conception and creative process and a set of ‘memory game’ playing cards.

Insomnis Enhanced Edition will launch on PlayStation 5 on 31st May, 2022. Are you looking for a new horror experience on PlayStation 5? Has Insomnis made your list? Let us know in the comments below!

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