There seems to be a bit of a buzz around metal music in videogames at present. Along with the recently released Metal Tales: Overkill comes Serj Tankian’s work on Metal: Hellsinger. Two very different games with thematic similarities. And now we have another, but as you’ll learn in this EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match review, it’s yet another different take on the metal theme.

It’s hard to say exactly where EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match lies. It’s certainly not a game that’s going to be promoted for its depth. Yet, at the same time, it can be very enjoyable when played with like minded friends. The game sits somewhere between Super Smash Bros. and Clash. The latter of which proved very divisive, as will EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match.

EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match screenshot

The game offers only the main ‘shred’ mode and a tutorial. There’s no gameplay outside of the multiplayer component. You can battle against bots to fill in for any of the missing four total players. However, it’s certainly not as enjoyable an experience. EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match is designed for quick bursts of multiplayer mayhem. And that’s definitely the only way it should be played.

The premise of the game is to outlast your opponents. This can be done in a number of ways; you can kill them, of course, by shooting shards at them. You can only hold three shards at one time and must recharge to gain more, leaving you vulnerable for a few seconds. There’s also environmental objects you can trick them into, some of which mean immediate death. Those which don’t (and your shards) give the player a chance to regain their life by rapidly tapping a button before their soul leaves the screen.

EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match screenshot

To avoid death you have a jump and an air dash ability, the latter of which can deflect shards aimed at you. You can also charge your shard shot for a much larger shard, but this again leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match is very much a game of risk/reward, and a split-second decision can win or lose the round.

As you have no doubt recognised reading this far into our EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match review, the game is very simple. That’s not to say it’s not enjoyable, however. There’s nothing like the depth of a Super Smash Bros. game here. No unlockables, only a handful of stages and no variety in the characters. However, it remains fun when played with friends. It’s never going to pull you away from your big sprawling adventure or favourite FPS, but for an evening or two of something a bit different you could do a lot worse.

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