The PlayStation 5 visual design has received a mixed response since the console’s reveal. Personally, despite the awkward shape and size of the console, we quite like the look. And now, you can personalise it to fit your home décor even more, with customised PlayStation 5 faceplates on sale.

The PlayStation 5 faceplates come in white, and white only at present. However, they can be removed and replaced, much like the original Xbox 360 console’s faceplates. However, with the PlayStation 5 it’s a much less discreet change. The entire look of the console can be adapted due to the faceplates not just covering a single edge, but almost the entire console.

Since Sony launched their own official faceplates, the market has also becoming flooded with third-party offerings. One of the most highly rated brands is the relatively unknown Benazcap. Despite not bearing the official PlayStation emblem, this brand’s offering has been commended for being highly durable and made of quality materials. And now, Benazcap is offering their PlayStation 5 Faceplates for a discounted price for a limited time.

PlayStation 5 Benzacap faceplates - Black and Silver

Three variations are offered: Cosmic Red, Black and Silver, and Matte Black. All three are on sale, but each with a different discount. Presumably due to being the most popular, the Matte Black edition retains the highest price. The Black and Silver is available for a bargain price of just £23.14 GBP, if that floats your boat. The Cosmic Red, however, is bar far the best deal. At only £19.54, that’s a whooping 46 percent discount!

Several others brands have followed suit. Generic’s range has been reduced from $24.99 USD to just $14.99. Nicemovic also has heavy discounts across their range. However, neither of these companies have received quite as positive a response to their products as Benazcap.

Here at Chit Hot, we haven’t yet changed the faceplates on any of our PlayStation 5 consoles. But today might be the day! Have you changed the look of your console? Let us know in the comments below!

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