In preparation for the launch of the third instalment in the Demolish & Build series, developer Demolish Games has launched a free prologue. The prologue for Demolish & Build 3 is available on Steam now and serves up a rugged slice of the physics-based simulator.

Demolish & Build 3 is a simulator all about owning and running a construction and demolition company. Jump into a selection of heavy-duty machinery to bring down buildings or anything else standing in your way.

The prologue will give players three tasks to complete which take around 1-1.5 hours to complete. You’ll get to drive vehicles including a mini-loader and an excavator. As well as learning the basic mechanics of the game if you’re not a series veteran.

Demolish and Build screenshot

Get demolishing

“Demolish & Build 3 will be a completely new opening for the series – with a new and more realistic approach, higher quality and a whole lot of unique solutions. We plan to release our game in the second quarter of this year, but from March 1, anyone interested can check out the free prologue,” says Paweł Dywelski, CEO of Demolish Games S.A. in a statement.

Demolish & Build 3 Prologue – main features:

  • realistic destruction system
  • diverse locations
  • digging and building
  • mini-loader and excavator
  • vehicle control based on real machines
  • physical simulation of vehicle tracks
  • vehicle accessories
  • controller support

The full version of the game will also offer, among others:

  • running and developing the company
  • randomly generated missions
  • more vehicles and tools
  • new locations
  • concrete pouring

Demolish & Build 3 will arrive first for PC on Steam in Q2 2024. Versions for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch will follow in 2025.

Are you looking forward to running your own construction and demolition company? Let us know what you think of the prologue in the comments below!

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