Headup Games and Goody Gameworks have announced that the side scrolling city-smasher Gigapocalypse is rampaging its way onto mobile devices. The new mobile version features full touch controls optimised for smaller devices, gamepad support and cloud saves.

Gigapocalypse is inspired by Kaiju monster movies like Godzilla and King Kong, as well as classic arcade games like Rampage. The game gives players a roster of monsters to choose from as they reduce cities to rubble. Create your own apocalypse with customisable Kaijus, and lay waste to a variety of locations. And now, you can do it all while riding the bus. Hurrah!

With every run you undertake to try and get to each location’s boss, your Giga will become more powerful. As you engage in battle you’ll earn mutation points. You can then spend these points to upgrade your Giga with new mutations, skills, and skins. You can also equip up to five minions who will accompany you on your outings of urban destruction. Take care of your Giga in Tamagotchi-style minigames and decorate your home with cool items that will improve your Giga and make them even more menacing.

Gigapocalypse offers nine monsters to choose from. Three ‘Old Gods’, three prehistoric monstrosities and three horrors from outer space. You can take these beasts of destruction into a host of city locations from across multiple timelines. Ranging from the Wild West to the modern day.

Gigapocalypse Mobile

Gigapocalypse Mobile Launch

“After smashing up cities on console and PC, we are delighted to be able to bring the larger than life Gigapocalypse straight to your pocket,” said developer Goody Pundit. “The game is a great fit for mobile devices, especially with the adjustments we’ve made to optimise the controls for smaller devices.”

Chit Hot delivered a Gigapocalypse review upon its initial launch, stating: “It’s a gameplay loop that plays into that ‘one more go’ sensation. But it’s also one which will inevitably wear thin. Despite the huge wealth of upgrades and the variety of monsters on offer, there’s only such much depth that can be drawn out of such a simple set-up.”

Does Gigapocalypse mobile surpass the home versions? Arguably the basic and repetitive gameplay is better suited to mobile devices. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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