Welcome to Chit Hot’s guide for Resident Evil Village. This Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Angie & Donna Beneviento Boss Fight article will tell you everything you need to know to overcome the creepy doll. After working your way through House Beneviento, Angie and Donna won’t be willing to let you leave easily! Below you will find all secrets, treasures, and collectibles, as well as combat strategies for taking down the doll!

After escaping the abomination, you’ll find that the house is now covered with creepy dolls on every floor, table, and wall. All of them seem to be controlled by Donna and her partner, Angie.

Angie & Donna Beneviento Boss Fight

This boss fight is less a battle and more a game of hide-and-seek. Angie will attempt to hide in this part of the house among the many dolls. If you take too long to find her, she’ll summon a horde of them to attack you. Speed is of the essence.

The places in which Angie hides seems to be semi-random. She generally begins by hiding up on the second floor Guest Room, to the left of the bed. Look for the all-white doll and grab it to stab her with the Scissors. When she flees again, head back downstairs and look in the Living Room. She is usually either behind the far desk or in the side area with the large couch.

You can sometimes hear her making noises when you’re close. When in doubt, follow the blood trail!

After stabbing her a second time she should move into the Foyer. If she’s not there, check the opposite hall and go to where the lift is to look for her.

Grab her one final time, and Ethan will put an end to both Angie and Donna Beneviento. Simple, right?

You will now receive the next part of the Winged Key. Examine the middle to form the Four-Winged Unborn Key. You should also grab the Legs Flask by the door, and inspect Donna’s body to pick up the Angie Treasure, which you should sell to The Duke as soon as possible.

Resident Evil Village Guide: Angie and Donna Beneviento Boss Fight screenshot

Return to the Village

Well, here we go again…

There’s now nothing left of value in the house, so leave it behind and start making your way back to the lift to head back to the Garden. Moving past the large gravesite, you’ll see things have now changed. The hanging dolls are in fact hanging bodies. A fallen tree blocks the road back, forcing you to make a detour past a shack. Break the nearby crate and get ready to fight.

The shack makes a good temporary fortress as you can move a barricade over the door. On the left you can find the W870 TAC Shotgun. Nice.

Use your newfound weapon to fire through the barricade and take out the horde as they try to break it down. Once the threat is over, make sure you grab the Lockpick from the shack, and Handgun Ammo from the nearby lean-to. If you head through the covered walkway to the back of the garden, you can find a large tree with a yellow birdcage hanging from it. Collect the Lei from the cage.

Around the other side of the tree there’s a small tombstone with a box you can open to find a Sun and Moon Ball, much like the one for the Labyrinth puzzle in the castle. You can now also head up through a nearby gate on the left to reach the Gardener’s House.

Outside his home there’s a crate and a well you can use the Well Wheel on to find a Madalina (Head) treasure, which combined with the body will offer quite a reward. You should also check the outhouse for a Photo of a Strange Bird.

Inside the house is a Save Point, Luthier’s Key, a Gardener’s Diary File by the bed, and some Explosive Rounds for a weapon you don’t have yet. However, the most important thing in this home is the Labyrinth Puzzle. Completing this puzzle will earn you the Onyx Skull, which is worth a lot to The Duke.

Moving out of the Garden to the Suspension Bridge you may spy several winged creatures flying along the river, but they won’t bother you. However, moving into Potter’s Field, there are more hanging bodies, which means more Moroaicas waiting for you.

One will fall down and rise to attack quickly. From here you can either go quickly up the left path to find a Large Crystal on a tombstone next to a crate and a lone Moroaica coming out of the ground, or take the lower road where a few more Moroaicas will come attack you. Note that there are also some flour bags on the high road you can use to blind them as they approach.

After defeating the Moroaicas, be sure to check around the lower path with the big tree for three hanging birdcages. They each contain Lei, and one of the nearby tombstones has Vivianite embedded in it. With all that loot gained, it’s time for a quick pitstop back in the Village before moving off to your next Lord!

That completes the Resident Evil Village Walkthrough Guide – Angie & Donna Beneviento Boss Fight! Who do you think is coming next? After working your way back through the village it’s off to new pastures – but they’re certainly not green!