Launched back in 2011, Koch Media’s Air Conflicts: Secret Wars was a surprising addition to the PlayStation Move catalogue. While the game also released for Xbox 360 and PC, and later PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, it’s the PlayStation 3’s optional use of the PlayStation move motion-controller that presents the most interesting range of gameplay opportunities.

As a flight simulator with motion-control in mind, Air Conflicts: Secret Wars has obviously been designed with arcade style gameplay opposed to a simulation. It’s more Top Gun than it is Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yet not quite reaching the immediate high-adrenaline thrills of After Burner Climax. Not in the selection of aircraft that you will take control of, but rather the way in which you control them. Anyone who’s picked up one of the Battlestations titles or even MySims SkyHeroes will be right at home with the on-a-dime controls of Air Conflicts: Secret Wars.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars screenshot

Accessible Air Conflicts

That accessibility is obviously the game’s greatest strength. It offers a diverse range of missions throughout the seven available campaigns, steadily growing in depth and difficulty. Introduced by a dialogue between characters, the missions range from clearing the required air space to assaulting enemy convoys. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars proposes a decent variety of objectives, with more than forty-eight across the campaign. Players must choose between vastly different aircraft based on their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the game’s progression system allows for upgrades to your aircraft and new co-pilots.

Get Moving

The PlayStation Move motion-controller can be used as a flight stick. Doing so can take a considerable amount of time to adapt to, yet it’s a very interesting experience. The incremental degree of control that is afforded via the two controllers is staggering. You could suggest that is someone wanted to simulate a flight stick, why not buy a flight stick? But to do so is to miss the point. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars has not been designed for simulator fans. And it’s not been designed to make you want to invest in a flight stick. It’s the combination of an interest in flight games and already owning the PlayStation Move that makes the offering so appealing.

Of course, this is only one of three control schemes offered. Gamers preferring to stick to a more traditional control pad based method are also catered for.

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars screenshot

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars Stands the Test of Time

As a flight simulator game set during World War I & II, the game entered a surprisingly empty market on consoles. Even more so for PlayStation Move. Microsoft Flight Simulator‘s return made a big splash, but there still seems to be a lack of middle ground. Air Conflicts: Secret Wars perfectly fits that bill, and is especially worth hunting down a copy for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 if you already own a set of PlayStation Move controllers.

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