After 25 years, GoldenEye 007 is back! The Nintendo 64 classic is now available to gamers on Xbox Game PassNintendo Switch Online or owners of Rare Replay. However, for those who can’t remember how to tackle the many objectives of the single-player missions, we’ve prepared a GoldenEye 007 Walkthrough Guide: Surface 2! This article will cover everything you need to know to complete the eighth level, Surface 2, on Agent, Secret Agent and 00 Agent difficulties.

Look familiar? It should! Returning to the Surface level, only this time at night, is a little tougher than you might imagine. There are no Sniper Rifles this time around. If you’re playing on 00 Agent you’re going to want to stick to that PP7. And ammo will be limited, so shoot wisely!

Primary Objectives:

A: Disrupt all surveillance equipment (00 Agent)
B: Break communications link to bunker
C: Disable Spetznaz support aircraft (Secret Agent, 00 Agent)
D: Gain entry to bunker

GoldenEye 007: Walkthrough Guide: Surface 2

You’ll begin in the same clearing as before. Head for the left side of the path and soon a guard will come out to meet you. Get used to it! On Surface 2, guards will appear seemingly randomly to ambush you.

Follow the path and take out the guard with a KF7 Soviet. Keep moving forward and eventually you’ll arrive at some cabins. Look for the one with the camera on the outside. Take out the camera, and head inside to find a guard and the Comms Room Key. If you’re playing on Agent difficulty, you’ll also find a Body Armour in here.

Ignore all the other cabins and head towards the satellite dish. Once you arrive, head inside and straight up the stairs. There’s a camera in here, too.

At the top of the stairs are two doors. You want the one directly ahead. On Surface 1 you had to activate this computer, but now you want to shoot it (Objective B: Completed)! As you exit, be aware an ambush is waiting for you. Go down the stairs and out the door. If you’re playing on 00 Agent you should take a left, while everyone else should take a right. The interlude below refers to 00 Agent difficulty only.

GoldenEye 007: Walkthrough Guide: Surface 2 – 00 Agent

You soon come to a path. Run over to the first set of cabins, but don’t bother going inside. Instead, go around the back of the cabin on the left. There’s a camera here. Continue on to the next set of cabins to find another camera mounted on the right cabin (Objective a: Completed).

Head back to the satellite dish. On the way however, expect to be ambushed by a lot of guards. Once you’ve eliminated them all and arrived back at the dish building, take the right back, on track with the Agent and Secret Agent walkthroughs.

GoldenEye 007: Walkthrough Guide: Surface 2

GoldenEye 007: Walkthrough Guide: Surface 2 – All Difficulties

Keeping to the left, past the ventilation tower and right up to the Bunker’s door. On the helipad you’ll find the Spetznaz. Throw your Mine at the plane (Objective C: Completed). You’ll have 30 seconds to get away before it blows, so head over to the Bunker door and open it (Objective D: Completed).

So your return to Surface was pretty short-and-sweet, right? Well now we’re back in the Bunker, so get ready for another return visit!

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