Games Workshop has announced an impending hike in Warhammer prices. Already an expensive hobby by near-any measure, your Warhammer: 40,000 and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar investments will soon become even greater.

In recent months we’ve seen some increases in the basic pricing for new sets. For example, the Vanguard: Slaves to Darkness set was priced slightly higher than a traditional Vanguard box. However, we now have clarification of exactly where the Warhammer prices are going.

Vanguard: Slaves to Darkness

A post on the Warhammer Community website offered the following:

“We’re sure it hasn’t escaped your notice that a lot of things are more expensive than they used to be: food, materials, transport – essentials and luxuries alike. Stuff costs more to make and more to move, and Warhammer is not immune to these changes.

“This means that from the 6th March we’ll be increasing some prices.”

According to the post, the average change for plastic kits is about 6%. The example given was that of a Battle Sisters Squad. When ordering directly from Games Workshop, this set is currently priced at £36 GBP. You can expect a £1.50 priced increase, to £37.50.

While this may not seem like a huge increase, when creating an entire army you can expect to add 10’s of pounds sterling to that price tag. Building that new Slaves to Darkness army certainly won’t be as cheap as it is currently.

This Increase won’t Affect all Warhammer Prices

The post continued by clarifying exactly which Warhammer prices will be changing. Thankfully, some Games Workshop products seem to be immune:

“We understand that no one likes a price rise. We’ve done our best to keep prices down on some of your hobby essentials, and we’re giving you a heads-up now so that you have plenty of time to take advantage of current prices.”

What is changing:
Plastic miniatures
Forge World and Citadel resin miniatures
Standard and Artificer Citadel brushes
Spray paints

What is not changing:
Starter sets
Paint sets
Paint pots
Citadel Tools
Codexes, rulebooks and battletomes
Synthetic STC brushes

How do you feel about the Warhammer prices going up? Will it slow down your investment? Or is it just an expected step in an already expensive hobby? Let us know in the comments below!

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