Originally revealed late last year, Luna Abyss is a bullet hell FPS that means business. Developed by Bonsai Collective, a team of 15 developers working entirely remote, the game promises to deliver a brutal sci-fi horror experience. Not too far removed from genre stalwart, DOOM, then.

The game was initially revealed with a debut trailer (below) back in December 2022. The video shows the full scope of ambition behind the forthcoming narrative-driven single-player FPS. A refreshing change to the masses of multiplayer-orientated FPS games in recent years, only lightly punctuated by the likes of Atomic Heart.

The game begins with only an artificial prison guard named Aylin as your guide. Players will be tasked with answering the question of just what happened to Luna’s lost colony. What are the secrets of the once-prosperous city of Greymont? And what are those strange voices that call out to you from the depths?

Luna Abyss screenshot

Luna Abyss Trailer

The 100-second debut trailer lays the game’s otherworldly environments wide open. It gives gamers the first view of the cosmos underneath the surface of the mimic moon known as Luna.

As the trailer is designed to showcase, Luna Abyss looks set to be visually impressive. The game’s derelict structure frequently shrouds the player in darkness. The only source of light being piercing shards that lay on the ruins ahead. Luna promises a world full of mystery. The remains of its long-lost colony scattered across its caverns, and its valleys serving as a suitable chamber for the prisoners to work off their sentences.

Luan Abyss Gameplay

On your journey through the bowels of Luna, you will be challenged by the twisted cosmic horrors inhabiting it. According to Bonsai Collective, overcoming them will involve split-second decision-making using a combination of traversal abilities and an arsenal of weapons. Players can sprint, jump and dash with the moment-to-moment navigation obviously of key importance.

Despite the ‘bullet hell’ tag, Bonsai Collective insist that the game is being designed with players of all skill levels in mind.

Luna Abyss may be our first title as Bonsai, but everyone here has built up years of experience working on some amazing titles,” says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective. “We wanted to pool all that talent together and create something that everyone can play; a narrative-driven bullet-hell FPS that offers a real challenge without chastising those who find other games in the genre too testing. We have a world we want everyone to experience, however they play.”

Luna Abyss is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. No release date has yet been announced for the game.

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