Survival horror games have always been prevalent in the gaming industry since the early days of arcades, with classic titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill influencing many other similar offerings in the years that followed. However, there has never been an era during which the genre reigned supreme over all other types of games.

Some industry insiders believe that this could be set to change. Thanks to the advanced graphics available on the gaming devices of today, horror titles are now more terrifying and immersive than ever. There are numerous survival horror games set to drop in 2023, and these titles could usher in a golden age for the genre.

Survival Horror Games Now Available on Every Platform

Survival horror games have never looked out of place on consoles, as the platform allows developers to push the boundaries of storytelling and really suck players into the narrative. The genre has been slightly less common in other offshoots of gaming, however. That is, until now. There are now various horror games available for mobile and casinos that highlight the increased interest in this type of game from various diverse playing demographics.

For example, on mobile, players can download titles like Alien: Isolation, The Walking Dead, and Bendy and the Ink Machine. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, it’s possible for players to fully engage with these titles. Likewise, at online casinos, horror-themed slots are becoming more commonplace. One of the best new slot games of 2023 is Serial, a darkly unique title from NoLimit City. The game is recommended along with various new sites at which players can play up-to-date games. These casinos are listed in order based on their bonuses. The reel spinner itself features a masked killer and various torture implements on the reels, which is surely enough to scare even the most seasoned players.

Console Games to Play a Huge Part in the New Golden Era

Even though there are clearly plenty of excellent games to play on different devices, console and PC players are going to be treated to the highest number of new releases in the survival horror genre in 2023. There are loads of games to get excited about. These include spanking-new offerings and remastered classics.

One of the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2023 is the Resident Evil 4 remake, which is set to hit the shelves in March. The previous remastered versions of the classic zombie games have been met with widespread approval, and this new one is set to garner the same levels of hype. The 2005 original is regarded as one of the greatest horror games of all time, and it sold more than 11 million copies across a range of platforms. The new edition will incorporate the modern-day graphics and capabilities of the latest consoles and is set to be a stunning visual experience.

The Day Before is another hotly anticipated entry to the survival horror genre, which is set to drop in November this year. The game is an open-world MMO in which players will have to traverse a post-apocalyptic vision of the USA. The title from Fntastic features a zombie-like pandemic, and players will have to fight off these flesh-eating creatures as well as fellow survivors who are battling over food and resources.

There are set to be a few new horror game releases in time for Halloween 2023, with the Outlast Trials among the most exciting options. The upcoming first-person psychological horror title from Red Barrels is the third in the Outlast series, but the story will act as a prequel to the two previous games. In the game, players will have to complete a wide range of tasks and challenges while trying to escape and avoid numerous fearsome enemies.

What’s The Next Step for the Survival Horror Genre?

This could be the perfect time for the survival horror genre to garner new levels of popularity, as it is arguably one of the best types of game to bring to virtual reality. VR hasn’t gone mainstream yet, but when it does, it will lead to massive changes in the gaming industry. Developers will be interested in making immersive horror games for the platform, but they may be worried about how big the audience for them will be.

If the releases of 2023 have the effect that many think they will have, horror games could be among the most popular titles going into 2024 and 2025. Some analysts believe that VR could be set to become a common household item by that time, so it would be the perfect opportunity for horror titles to make the transition from consoles to VR.

There’s no doubt that this is a hugely exciting time for the survival horror genre, and it could be set to attract millions of new fans in 2023. There are countless great titles for players to choose from, some of which are among the most anticipated games of 2023.

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