Up until recently all the promotional footage for this year’s The Flash has shown Krypton’s General Zod making a return. But if recent leaks are to be believed, then The Flash movie might have a main villain far darker and much more dangerous, Dark Flash.

The apparent leak comes by way of toy merchandise being shown at the Abrin 2023 Toy Fair in Latin America. As reported by Buzzfeed, “puppets” from the movie were on display – but they weren’t allowed to be photographed. There were two for The Flash, two for Batman and two for Dark Flash: “who steals the soul of speedster heroes.”

The Flash Main Villain - Dark Flash

However, a secondary leak supposedly shows four of the figures. The imagery on Reddit gives what could well be the first look at Dark Flash, a screaming, spiky-looking entity that could be the main nemesis in the film.

The Flash Main Villain

Dark Flash is one of the most dangerous in the DC Universe, especially where speedsters are concerned. It serves as a sort of Grim Reaper. An ethereal entity tied to the Speed Force whose appearance generally means the death of whichever speedster it visits. How Dark Flash ties into the movie is another big question. General Zod appears because of Barry Allen’s multiversal travel, could that also be Dark Flash’s trigger? Or, we already know a second Barry Allen makes an appearance, could this alternate version turn into a corrupted, twisted speedster instead?

While The Flash will see an official release on 16th June 2023, expect several spoilers to arrive next month. A full screening of The Flash will take place at CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas. The annual convention for movie theatre owners, major studios usually unveil first-look trailers and sizzle reels rather than full movies.

The movie is set to be one of the biggest blockbusters this summer. Helped in no small part by the inclusion of Batman. During The Flash trailer released earlier this year, it made the surprise reveal that Michael Keaton would reprise the role he made so iconic in Tim Burton’s 1989 masterpiece – as well as the sequel Batman Returns.

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