With Naraka: Bladepoint Season 7: Untamed well underway, developer 24 Entertainment have debuted their latest playable hero: Akos Hu. Known as “The Rebel Claw”, Akos is now available to unlock in-game. This fierce new warrior can channel the swift savagery of a spirit tiger using his powerful Ultimate ability.

Akos Hu is a great pick for fans who favour a high mobility, high damage playstyle. Unleashing a ground-shattering roar as he closes in on his enemies. You can learn more about Akos Hu and see this new hero in action in the latest Naraka: Bladepoint trailer, featuring a stunning new cinematic followed by an in-depth gameplay showcase.

Akos Hu Reveal Trailer

Here’s a detailed overview of his abilities:

Roar – Akos strikes nearby enemies to cause damage and gains 30% damage reduction for 8 seconds.

  • Each strike on an enemy grants 10% additional damage reduction.

Roar: Blast – Akos unleashes a shockwave upon enemies towards the aimed direction.

  • Charging up the skill can deal more damage and knock enemies airborne.

Feral Frenzy – Gain new attacks by channelling a powerful tiger spirit:

  • Leap for faster jumps, attacking enemies with powerful pounce while sprinting or in the air.
  • Activate Akos Hu’s Ultimate again to summon a tiger for 3 deadly claw attacks or a lunge.
Naraka Bladepoint - Akos Hu keyart

This new playable character is one of many Naraka: Bladepoint updates in 2023. Already, there has been an expansion to the game’s Showdown PvE mode, as well as a new weapon type, the Pole Sword.

Akos Hu arrives as part of the latest update which also includes new Treasures for Naraka: Bladepoint Season 7: Untamed. Among these are a cyberpunk-themed katana skin, 2674 • Encroaching Yin, and the Golden Damselfly outfit for Yoto Hime.

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