Koch Media has announced the release date for Relicta, the physics-based puzzle game that takes players to the moon. Developed by Mighty Polygon, Relicta sends players on a lunar mission from 4th August 2020. The game will be available digitally via Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Relicta is a first-person physics-based puzzle game. Playing through the eyes of a scientist you’ll need to use your creativity to play with the laws of physics. Utilising magnetism, polarity and gravity, players will unravel the secrets of a research facility on the moon. The Chandra Base will test your scientific skills, as you engage in a plot that entails a desperate struggle to keep your daughter alive.

Relicta screenshot

Buried in the eternal darkness of the lunar craters lies a secret that might claim your daughter’s life – or change the fate of humanity forever.
Are you ready to face the ultimate consequences of your research?

In Relicta each corner tells a story, each new step is a challenge. Players must find their way around the enigmatic, terraformed craters and investigate different locations and ecosystems. Will you rush straight ahead and try to reach safety? Or will you take your time to gather clues and unravel the intrigues of 22nd century orbital politics?

The new trailer below gives a deeper insight into the mystery that awaits players in Relicta. The eponymous Relicta at the heart of Chandra Base is a source of power that could solve many problems. But at what cost?

Relicta will launch on Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 4th August 2020. If you want to get a head start on solving the puzzles that await, a demo for Relicta will be available on PC as part of the Steam Game Festival, Summer Edition, starting 16th June 2020.

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