Originally unveiled last year at the Summer Game Fest, the real-time strategy title Aliens: Dark Descent is set to launch worldwide later this summer. From Tindalos Interactive and Focus Entertainment, a couple of trailers have been shown so far but the best look at the game came this week courtesy of IGN.

As part of IGN’s First preview coverage, the gameplay was captured on the PC version. Showcasing some beautiful details and atmosphere, this extensive look highlights the intense action players are going to experience. Unlike turn-based RTS games like XCOM, where you have time to think, plan and readjust strategies, Aliens: Dark Descent isn’t going to offer that same safety net.

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Fight and survive in Aliens: Dark Descent

Set in and around a facility on the Planet Lethe – which looks very reminiscent of Hadley’s Hope on planet LV-426 from Aliens – you and your squad have to survive onslaughts of terrifying xenomorphs. Controlling all four squad members you’ll be able to employ a range of tactical abilities. Whether that’s placing sentry guns in key locations or trying to create a choke point, you’ll be able to use the environment and tools in plenty of different ways.

Rather than controlling each squad member individually, issuing commands will see them obeyed by the Marine best equipped for the situation according to their abilities and equipment. With sinister secrets to uncover and objectives to complete, the game with also throw in brand-new threats as well as an alien here and there.

As you can see from the gameplay, it’s swift and brutal, with decisions having to be made on the fly to keep everyone alive. If a squad member dies that’s it. Plus you’ll have to deal with variables like stress. If someone gets too stressed out by the situation they’ll suffer a debuff in response.

Aliens: Dark Descent arrives for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC on 20th June 2023.

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