Bigben and Kylotonn Racing Games have revealed a new driving discipline coming to V-Rally 4: Extreme-Khana. The fifth racing style to feature in the V-Rally 4, Extreme-Khana – as the name may suggest – isn’t for the faint-hearted.

A new video demonstrates the precision needed to master these courses, as Extreme-Khana promises to be the most demanding and spectacular discipline in V-Rally 4. Drivers must complete courses as quickly as possible while providing the best show they can. Success in these challenges requires drivers well-versed in all disciplines: the precision of drifting, the combativeness of rallycross, and the speed required of rally. Can you do all of this without making a single mistake?


In the dunes of the Sahara, across the docks of South Africa. Amid the shipping containers of an abandoned warehouse in Michigan, or across the tarmac of Nellis Air Force Base. Players will need to spend hours training in order to master the cars and tracks presented in V-Rally 4

V-Rally 4 – Extreme-Khana Mode Trailer



V-Rally 4 Pre-Order Bonus
By pre-ordering the game on console, players will receive the Ford Shelby GT500, a heavily boosted car that can be used in Extreme-Khana.


In V-Rally 4 each of the five different disciplines offers a unique driving experience. The game also allows racing fans to put their skills to the test and learn new driving techniques. This versatility will be of great use in Career Mode, which lies at the heart of the game’s experience and takes players around the world. V-Rally 4 will be available 11th September 2018, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will also be available on Nintendo Switch at a later, as yet unconfirmed date.


Do you remember the groundbreaking V-Rally back on the original PlayStation console? Do you think V-Rally 4 can bring the series back to its glory days? Let us know in the comments below!
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