The Side Quests in Dead Island 2 get more convoluted as you progress through them. In this Dead Island 2 Diaries of the Dead Guide, you’ll be reporting back to W.O. Rodriguez for another task in Venice Beach.

Apparently, troops at the base wrote last letters to their loved ones knowing they would die. W.O. Rodriguez had given them to another soldier who was leaving the base, but he was attacked before he could evacuate. You mission here, unsurprisingly, is to help W.O. Rodriguez recover a memory stick containing those letters and upload them. On this page you can find a complete walkthrough guide for the Diaries of the Dead Side Quest in Dead Island 2.

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Dead Island 2 Diaries of the Dead Guide

To begin the Diaries of the Dead Side Quest, you must have at least started the Hollywood Ending Story Quest, and completed Cremains of the Day Side Quest.

As stated above, W.O. Rodriguez gave a memory stick to a gunner who was shipping out of Venice Beach. However, his convoy was attacked on the way out. You can find the trucks parked on the road southeast along the beach.

You can find the memory stick in a laptop beside the white truck, in between the three convoy trucks. However, the job isn’t finished yet.

Get the Comms Area Keycard

Before you can perform the upload, you will need the Comms Area Keycard. A horde of zombies will attack the convoy after you collect the memory stick and will need to kill this entire wave of zombies. Then, a Signal Officer zombie will appear. Defeat him, and he will drop the Comms Area Keycard.

Head to the USMC Comms area through the entrance on the southeast side. You will find a satellite dish atop some wooden pallets. Interact with the dish.

While the data is uploading zombies will attack. Kill them all, then check back on the satellite dish. The upload failed. It seems the signal is being jammed by someone.

Head Back to the Tower

Return to W.O. Rodriguez at the Tower in Venice Beach. You might not have been successful in uploading the last letters of the fallen soldiers, but W.O. Rodriguez entrusts you with the memory stick believing that you will make it out of Hell-A.

Diaries of the Dead Side Quest Rewards

  • Precision Shots Perk
  • Superior Burst-Fire Carbine

That completes this Dead Island 2 Diaries of the Dead Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!