The It Came From Monarch Studios Dead Island 2 Side Quest will require to you return to – you guessed it – Monarch Studios. There are survivors on the set, including the celebrity Sarah Sheppard. This Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Guide will tell you everything you need to know to obtain the Side Quest, and of course, how to complete it and get your rewards.

You can start the It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest after completing the The Giant-Slayer Story Quest. Interact with the radio to the right of the Fast Travel Map in the Blue Crab. Talk with Sarah to learn about the situation. Once ready, use the Fast Travel Map to head over to Monarch Studios.

Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Guide

Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Guide

Over the radio, Sarah said she was searching the gas station film set near the “giant spider”. This is the same Outdoor Set where you fought the first Slobber Apex Variant boss. Fast traveling to Monarch Studios will place you just outside of the area. Head southwest through the gas station and you will find Sarah standing atop the trailer on the other side of the gas pumps. Clear out the zombies in the area, then head over to her.

Return DD-09 to Sebastian

After talking with Sarah you’ll need to collect the DD-09 robot. You can find it in a black duffel in the middle of the gas station set. You’ll have to pick it up and head to Sound Stage 3 is the best place to start searching for Sebastian.

As you enter Sound Stage 3, DD-09 will alert every zombie in the building to your presence. Drop DD-09 on the ground (it can’t be destroyed, so doesn’t matter where) and fight through the waves of zombies before continuing.

Where to Find Sebastian in Monarch Studios

Sebastian isn’t actually in this sound stage. However, you did need to go through this process to continue, so it wasn’t a waste of your time! Pick up DD-09 and head out of Sound Stage 3. You can find Sebastian on some scaffolding on the south side of Sound Stage 6. To get there, you’ll have to go through Hero’s Journey Lane and continue past Sound Stage 5.

There are plenty of military actor zombies along this route, and DD-09’s beeping will draw them towards you. You can put down the robot to lure them all into a group to make for easier kills.

Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Guide

Return DD-09 to Sebastian

Once you meet with Sebastian a horde of zombies will approach. Fight off this next wave to defend Sebastian. After they’ve been defeated, you can finally hand over DD-09. Interact with the highlighted area on the table beneath Sebastian to place the bag with down.

Talk to Sebastian one last time to receive your reward.

It Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest Rewards

  • Street Brawler Skill
  • Zombie Axe
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 It Came From Monarch Studios Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!