Once you’ve begun the game true, The Death of the Party will likely be the first Side Quest you encounter in Dead Island 2. This Dead Island 2 The Death of the Party Guide will give you everything you need to complete this specific mission.

The Death of the Party Side Quest Location

Once you have started the Call the Cavalry Story Quest, you should be able to access The Death of the Party simply by walking past the intercom on either Alpine Drive or Access Rd 782. You will hear a voice calling out for the intercom. Interactive with either of these intercoms to start the “The Death of the Party” Side Quest.

The owner of the mansion, Curtis Sinclair, is concerned about a girl who he talked to on the intercom not long ago. She seems to have vanished. He will open the gate to let you search for her.

Search for Survivors

As you enter you’ll see a small horde on the mansion grounds. It’s pretty obvious that the girl didn’t survive. However, you’ve still got to clear out those who remain.

You can’t enter the mansion just yet. You need Curtis’ House Keys. Follow the sign in the drive that reads “Guests This Way” to check on Curtis around the back, and eliminate the zombies.

Talk to Curtis Sinclair

You can find Curtis Sinclair standing on a balcony above, overlooking the garden. Curtis says that he needs your help before he can invite you in. You have to restore the power to his chairlift before continuing.

Restore Power to Curtis’ House

Head towards the pool house and down the stairs to the south. There’s a door here, and a Walker inside.

You’ll learn a new trick at this point. The wire connecting the power has been severed, with no obvious means for reconnection.

Pick up the Water Jerrycan on the right and pour out some water to form a puddle between the two ends of the wire. This will conduct electricity and complete this stage of the The Death of the Party Side Quest.

Return to Curtis

Head back to Curtis and inform him that the power has been restored. He’ll throw you Curtis’ House Keys which will allow you to enter through the front door.

This of course means you’ll have to fight your way around the building before you can enter. When you do so, you’ll find Curtis standing on the landing. Interact with the switch to activate his chairlift, and be prepared to fight off a horde of zombies as you wait for him to descend.

One of these zombies will be Tony Sinclair, Curtis’ nephew, for whom he has a few choice words.

Talk to Curtis

Once Curtis has descended he’ll sit in a chair, ready for you to complete The Death of the Party Side Quest. Talk to him to recieve your rewards.

The Death of the Party Side Quest Rewards

  • Golf Club
  • Curtis’ House Keys
  • 1,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 The Death of the Party Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!