While you’re looking to escape Hell-A, you may be thinking a vehicle might be the best answer. Carmen agrees with you, and in Dead Island 2‘s Santa Monica Pier, she’s found evidence of a missing CDC boat. This Dead Island 2 Red Tide guide will give you a complete walkthrough for this Side Quest, helping you to find out what happened to the boat.

In order to playthrough the Red Tide Side Quest, you will have needed to have started the Rage Quit Story Quest, and completed the The Hero’s Journey Side Quest. Head to the Santa Monica Pier and meet Carmen, one of the survivors hiding in the Lifeguard HQ.

Dead Island 2 Red Tide Walkthrough Guide

Carmen found some papers saying that the CDC requested a boat from the Santa Monica lifeguards, but no clear indication that the boat ever left. After speaking with Carmen and accepting the Ride Tide Side Quest, you will obtain the “Dude, Where’s My Boat?” Journal. This hints the boat was originally meant to be delivered to a CDC employee named Cooper working at one of the CDC tents on the beach.

Dead Island 2 Red Tide Guide

Head to the Beach

Make your way to the CDC headquarters on the southeast side of the Santa Monica beach. You will find the tent Cooper worked in to the east side of the CDC dome.

To the right of the door, inside this tent, you will find a the “Cashing Out” Journal inside an open medical waste bin. On a folding table at the back of the tent as you walk inside, you can find the “Paging Doctor Whom” Journal.

Your next clue is the broken card reader to the left of the sealed door leading to the CDC dome. Interact with it and head to the biohazard bin behind the partition.

Dead Island 2 Red Tide Guide

Follow Cooper’s Trail

To continue looking for clues of Cooper‘s plan, you will need to get access to the main CDC dome. With east entrance out of reach, you have to go around the long way. Make your way around the dome to use the north entrance.

Before you can do any more searching, you will have to kill both the regular and Vicious Butcher Apex Variant zombies. With both Butchers dead, one of them will drop another Journal onto the floor, called “Huang’s Warning”.

This note indicates that Cooper made a break for it and headed somewhere between the CDC headquarters and the Pier. You will find the missing boat underneath the Pier.

As you approach the missing boat, kill all the zombies surrounding it so you can loot in peace.

The water around the boat is electrified. You will need to turn off the generator on the north side of the boat. The cache you are looking for is south of the boat against one of the cement pillars. Looting it will reward a Rare Machine Gun.

As you continue to search the cache boxes waves of zombies will approach, including a Screamer and none other than Cooper himself – now a Mutator. You must stay in the area around Cooper’s boat and kill all of them before you can leave

After all the zombies, including Cooper, are have fallen, Carmen will phone in over the radio to check in.

Red Tide Side Quest Rewards

  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Red Tide Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!