Once again, Dead Island 2‘s Amanda Styles is looking for content. She’s managed to get all the way to Hollywood Boulevard unscathed, and is enlisting you to help her make one final video. This Dead Island 2 Going Viral guide will tell you exactly how to do that, completing the Side Quest and earning some lovely rewards.

In order to access the Going Viral Side Quest, you must have completed the Hollywood Ending Story Quest and the Like and Follow Side Quest.

After completing the Hollywood Ending Story Quest in Hollywood Boulevard, you can find Amanda’s phone sitting on the counter of the Lotusville re-aging clinic. Pick up the phone to unlock the Amanda’s Phone Audio Journal, and begin the Going Viral Side Quest.

Dead Island 2 Going Viral Walkthrough Guide

Head to the bleachers outside the Deth Rawk Bar and Grill. Amanda says she’s here to turn on the cameras left on Hollywood Boulevard to broadcast a remote feed of Hell-A. But she needs you to turn on the cameras, of course. Use the laptop behind the bleachers to turn on the red carpet cameras.

As you do, two Apex Variant Crushers, named Rebecca Witt-Carter and Tyson Witt, will come for you. Once defeated, they’ll be followed by two Screamers named Claritee and Bijou.

After they’re downed, search for Amanda on the Romeros Stage on the north end of the red carpet.

Two more Apex Variants, a Firestorm Slobber and an Inferno Crusher, will come from behind the bleachers to fight. Kill Sir Treble and Amar Anand.

Once clear, head into the mall plaza.

Amanda Styles Dead Island 2

Find out the Truth about Amanda Styles

You’ll be attacked by two new Apex zombies, this time a Butcher and a Putrefied Slobber. Once you’ve defeated them, one of Dead Island 2‘s most enduring side stories will reach it’s peak. More zombies, of course, plus a Voltaic Screamer and Mutator, named Grace Chu and Nicolas de Leon.

Once they’ve been eliminated, you’ll find Amanda has turned. She is a Runner now. And she needs to put down.

Once you have killed Amanda, you will find she dropped the Sorry Journal on the red carpet.

Amanda’s final wish was to have the video of her turning and being slain uploaded to the internet. Head back to the laptop behind the bleachers to upload the video. You will also gain access to Amanda’s final vlog.

Going Viral Side Quest Rewards

  • Zom-b-Gon Nightstick
  • Goodbye_Vid_Intro_Take2 Audio Journal
  • 5,500 XP