Hana’s back, and she’s lost track of yet another VCLA student. In this Dead Island 2 Dez and the Mother of Satan Guide, you’ll learn how to help her locate Dez at the Santa Monica Pier. The complete walkthrough follows below, as well as details of the available rewards.

In order to obtain the Dez and the Mother of Satan Side Quest in Dead Island 2, you must have completed Boz Makes a Bang and The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X Side Quests, and started the Boardwalking Dead Story Quest. You will get a call over the radio from Hana. You can pick this up from a radio at any Safe Zone after meeting these requirements.

Dez has apparently travelled to the  CDC domes beside the Santa Monica Pier. Time to head over there.

As you approach the CDC domes, you will hear an explosion. Make your way to the dome at the heart of the CDC base. Clear out the zombies and talk to Dez. You’ll find her standing on the scaffolding on the east side of the dome.

Speak to Dez

Dez, unsurprisingly, has a task for you. You’ll need to lure some zombies into the area and let her test out the weapons she came her to create. Explosives have been set up on the ground around the domes. Lure the zombies in so she can set them off, and kill any that get past. Dez will call out which direction the waves are coming from. It will be a fairly straightforward task.

Dead Island 2 Dez and the Mother of Satan Guide

Search the Quartermaster’s Records for Mother of Satan

Once the zombies have been taken care of, Dez will give you a second task. She’s looking for a powerful chemical nicknamed “Mother of Satan”. She knows that the CDC has some, but isn’t sure where it is.

Head north of the big dome to search for clues. As you walk inside the first section, you will find a Journal titled Autophage: Taxonomy on one of the folding tables to the right.

As you continue, you will find an electrified wire on the floor making it difficult to reach the next journal. Head out the north door and turn right. To your right as you exit, you find a generator. Take out the battery to cut off the power.

You can find the Quartermaster’s Records Journal at the back. This details the location of the Mother of Satan chemical. You can find another Quest Journal on a whiteboard to the left of the north exit.

Collect the Mother of Satan

With these three journals collected, head back to the big dome. Use the entrance on the northwest side. Dez is already inside. And of course, so are many zombies. These will include a Voltaic Screamer called Project: Juliet.

Speak to Dez

Once the zombies are cleared out, Dez will thank you and make her way to the storeroom holding the Mother of Satan. Hana is grateful for you help once again, and gifts you the code for a special locked box around the Lotusville Mall in Ocean Avenue.

Dez and the Mother of Satan Side Quest Rewards

  • Superior Melee Electrocuter Mod
  • Mystery Goodie Box Code
  • 4,500 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Dez and the Mother of Satan Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!