After making some progress through Beverly Hills, Side Quests from Rikky Rex will become available. This Dead Island 2 The Ballad of Rikky Rex Guide will give you everything you need to complete this specific mission. This includes the location of the chopper you’ll need to collect.

Once you’ve unlocked Fast Travel in Dead Island 2, you’ll be able to return to Rikky’s House in Beverly Hills. Rikky will offer a few Side Quests, one of which is called The Ballad of Rikky Rex. In this mission you’ll be tasked with taking out his old bandmates, now zombified, in order to find his chopper.

Dead Island 2 The Ballad of Rikky Rex Guide

The Ballad of Rikky Rex will only be available if you have already completed the Dead Island 2 Resurrect the Rex Side Quest.

Speak with Rikky and he’ll ask you to recover his guitar, chopper, locked away at his pre-apocalypse home. However, it is behind a locked door. In order to get to it you’ll need to get the key from Misha the Singer.

Misha is, of course, now undead.

Travel to Southeast Beverly Hills

You will find Rikky’s old house in the far southeast corner of Beverly Hills. Once inside the property head to the pool. Here you will find the Gods & Whiskey stage. You’ll need to interact with this to begin the Side Quest true.

Defeat Rikky’s Bandmates

Interact with the DJ Deck and music will begin playing. This next section of the Side Quest is simply a case of attrition. You’ll have to survive waves of zombie attacks as each member of the band approaches one-by-one. Each more challenging than the last.

Each bandmate you encounter will be a progressively more difficult variety of zombie, including some Apex Variants:

  • The Bass Player (Walker)
  • The Guitarist (Runner)
  • The Drummer (Crusher)
  • Misha the Singer (Screamer)

Misha the Singer Glitch

You should note there is a known glitch in this mission. Occasionally you will find the bandmates stop spawning. This most commonly occurs after The Drummer.

If your chosen Slayer stops commenting on the action for extended periods of time, or if the constantly spawning zombies drop to a pool of just four simultaneously, it’s possible you have encountered this glitch. There are two options to fix this issue.

  • Leave the Area: If you choose to leave the area, the The Ballad of Rikky Rex Side Quest will reset after a set amount of time. During preparing this Dead Island 2 The Ballad of Rikky Rex Guide, we found that around five minutes should fix the issue.
  • Leap of Faith: A much quicker way is to simply jump from the stage off the edge of the property. You will die, but immediately spawn back and ready to interact with the DJ Deck once again.

Once you defeat the final bandmate zombie, Misha the Singer, she will drop Rikky’s Kitchen Key. Collect it and head inside to open the gate to the upstairs.

Dead Island 2 - Rikky's Chopper

Where to Find Chopper

Once inside the The Ballad of Rikky Rex Side Quest has a further challenge. You must fight your way upstairs against several Burster zombies.

Once you’ve successfully made your way upstairs, you’ll find the chopper inthe main bedroom. Head into the recording studio on the second floor and exit through window to the left to access the balcony.

Open the door to the next bedroom from this balcony, and then head out through that balcony door. Walk along the balcony and you will find the back door you need on the left.

You will find the chopper sitting on a dresser inside the closet.

Bring the Chopper Back to Rikky

With chopper in your possession, it’s time to head back to Rikky’s house. He will reward you with a weapon and XP.

The Ballad of Rikky Rex Side Quest Rewards

  • O-Kami and Whiskey Sword
  • 2,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 The Ballad of Rikky Rex Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!