The Cremains of the Day Side Quest is another that’s accessed simply by exploring Venice Beach. You’ll have to help W.O. Rodriguez burn all the body pits to ensure no zombies remains. This Dead Island 2 Cremains of the Day Guide will tell you exactly how to do just that!

In order to access the Cremains of the Day Side Quest in Dead Island 2, you’ll have to have completed the Beach Offensive Story Quest. Head to the top floor of the tower in Venice Beach and speak with W.O. Rodriguez. She’ll tell you about the body pits nearby.

Dead Island 2 Cremains of the Day Guide

Head down the Tower to the first floor and use the back entrance to get to the stretch of beach where the body pits are located.

There are three pits that need to be torched. However, there is a catch: every body pit you set afire will both limit visibility with smoke, and attract more zombies. Of course, this Dead Island 2 Cremains of the Day Guide is here to help solve this! Below are the locations of each body pit.

First Body Pit

You will see the first body pit straight ahead as you walk out the door. Barrels of explosive fuel can be found around the pit. Shoot or throw a weapon at these explosive barrels to set them off. You can also toss a Molotov or any other explosive Curveball to get the fire going.

Second Body Pit

You can tackle these pits in any order you choose, but you can find the next one close by. Head northwest along the shoreline. Look for the shipping container marked “64”. The body pit is just to the left. After lighting the second death pit afire, be wary of Burning Walkers and Burning Runners which will start to appear.

Third Body Pit

The last death pit can by found against the fort wall to the southeast of the Tower. Use a Molotov to light it up, or lure a enflamed zombie onto it to set it alight.

Dead Island 2 Cremains of the Day Guide

Eliminate the Dead

As stated above, you can burn the body pits in any order. Upon setting the third one alight, a new Apex Variant will rise from the flames: a Firestorm Slobber. This one is named M.C. Spitzfire.

Report to Warrant Officer Rodriguez

Once you’ve dealt with M.C. Spitzfire, return to W.O. Rodriguez. She will give you your due reward, and you can now also trade with her.

Here’s the rewards you’ll get for completing the Cremains of the Day Side Quest.

Cremains of the Day Side Quest Rewards

  • Rare Ranged Cremator Mod
  • $500 Cash
  • 3,000 XP

That completes this Dead Island 2 Cremains of the Day Guide. If you’re stuck on other Side Quests, be sure to check out our full Dead Island 2 Guide!