As we know your love of Warhammer knows no bounds, but alas our bank accounts do. As you build your armies you’ll be wanting storage solutions, not only for home but also on the road. As with all Games Workshop stuff, there are official – and expensive – solutions. But if you’re on a budget, or just starting out, there are simpler, cheaper ways to explore. So here’s our Warhammer travel storage solution that won’t break the bank.

The fine detail and parts on Warhammer models – or any miniatures in fact – means they’re easily damaged or broken if not stored correctly. Most of the high-end solutions involve big, chunky cases and lots of foam to ensure the models don’t budge an inch. They’re a tried and tested solution that works if you’re willing to pay.

However, you can also build your own for super cheap! A decent plastic tub, rubber steel sheet, some magnets, a pair of scissors and some glue are all you need.

Storage Box

Warhammer Travel Storage

The Box

Firstly, you’ll need a storage box. We picked a 20L one up from B&M for just £5. It has two great features for travel storage, a handle for easy carrying and a clip lock lid. It looks quite deep for your average battleline unit but the depth is great for the larger leaders and monsters!

You can find similar storage boxes on Amazon although the price does jump up.

Next, you’ll need a self-adhesive rubber steel sheet. We picked up an A2 sheet (62 x 42cm – 0.75mm thick) from Amazon for £13. As shown in the below image, this is what you’ll use to line the storage box. Start by measuring the bottom of the box and then cut the sheet to size. If you don’t have a measuring tape on hand then use the box as a template, put it on the sheet and draw around it.

Warhammer Sheet cut

These sheets are great because magnets are attracted to them and they’re easy to cut. Far simpler to use than getting a metal sheet.

If you have any leftover rubber steel sheet don’t let it go to waste. Use it to line the sides of the box, for more versatile options as your army expands.


That’s the storage box sorted, now time to magnetise your models. Or more accurately stick magnets to them. We’ve tested two solutions here, the first was sticky back magnetic dots (70-pack £4.95). The second was neodymium magents 6mm x 2mm (10-pack £1.40).

While the magnetic dots are more convenient with their sticky backs, their magnetic attraction is mediocre. Okay for small, individual units but not much else. Plus half the time they’d come unstuck sat clinging to the bottom of the storage box.

The neodymium magnets are far stronger, meaning they’re far more secure. You’ll need to glue them, so use some decent superglue. One is enough for the small units, using up to four for your largest, most prized miniatures.

Note: There are multiple sizes of neodymium magnets available, the most versatile we found being the 6mm x 2mm size. 1mm deep magnets also work but do not use 3mm deep ones. The recessed Warhammer bases are only 2mm deep.

Warhammer Magnets


So all in all our total expenses for the project were:

  • Storage Box – £5
  • Self-adhesive rubber steel sheet – £13
  • 10-pack neodymium magnets – £1.40
  • Total – £19.40
Warhammer Models

What did you think of our Warhammer Travel Storage solution? What are your best tips for protecting your miniatures on the move? Let us know in the comments below.