You hear Street Fighter and ‘puzzle in the same sentence, and there’s only one thing you’re thinking. Sadly, Capcom hasn’t brought back Puzzle Fighter for another round. Instead, Earth’s strongest fighters have joined mobile puzzle game Puzzle & Dragons in a limited-time collaboration.

Beginning today and running through 6th November, 17:59 (PST), players can use their might to prevail against seven exclusive new Puzzle & Dragons dungeons. Give your teams some muscle by recruiting newly-added Street Fighter characters, including Ryu & Ken, Luke, Jamie, and Kimberly. These characters can be unlocked via pulls from the 6 Magic Stones! Street Fighter Series Egg Machine and Street Fighter Series Memorial Egg Machine. The latter will grant a free pull to all players who log in during the collaboration.

Puzzle & Dragons Street Fighter art

New Puzzle & Dragons Street Fighter Dungeons

Show off your power on the world stage in seven exclusive dungeons:

  • Street Fighter Series is a dungeon that lets players battle for a chance to earn rewards, including Street Fighter Collab Medal – Gold. Players can also receive one pull from the Street Fighter Series Memorial Egg Machine as a first-time clear reward for The Path to Greatness HARD floor. 
  • Street Fighter Ⅱ is a unique dungeon based on Street Fighter II and consists of eight floors. The dungeon rewards players who clear all floors using fixed teams with a pull from Pixel Street Fighter Egg Machine. Players will receive + Points for clearing each floor for the first time.
  • JP Descended! is a dungeon that challenges users with the Assists Invalid rule and rewards players who defeat the boss with a guaranteed JP drop. Players will also receive one pull from the Clear Reward! ★6+ Street Fighter Series Egg Machine as a first-time clear reward.
    • Multiplayer! JP Descended! is a 3-player mode of JP Descended!
  • Street Fighter Colosseum! rewards teams led by a specified leader character with a drop rate of 100%, guaranteeing Rainbow Metal Dragon and more. Players will also receive an Event Medal – Black for clearing the dungeon for the first time.
    • Multiplayer! Street Fighter Colosseum! is a 3-player mode of Street Fighter Colosseum!
  • [Street Fighter 6] Title Challenge! is a special dungeon that challenges players to use a fixed Helper and clear within a certain time limit. Players will receive the [Street Fighter 6] title as a first-time clear reward.

Other Street Fighter Activations

Players can trade Street Fighter Collab Medals rewarded from the Street Fighter dungeons at the Monster Exchange. The Monster Exchange lineup features event-exclusive collab characters, like Kage. There’s also a number of limited-time bundles offering players access to the Street Fighter characters in exchange for monetary investment. These include the 30 Magic Stones & Ryu & Ken Egg Machine which grants 30 Magic Stones, 5x Event Medal – Black, and one pull from the Ryu & Ken Egg Machine for $29.99 USD. This package guarantees Ryu & Ken, and players will also get the Street Fighter Series Collab BGM Set 2 when they get Ryu & Ken for the first time.

Are you a fan of Puzzle & Dungeons? Will you be trying to get some Street Fighter puzzling action in during this event? Let us know in the comments below!

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