With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it may be some time until we can return to the summer line-up music festivals. However, developer Mojang has it’s own idea of how to combat this loss: a Minecraft music festival.

The ‘Electric Blockaloo‘ (snigger) festival will take place entirely within the game. Boasting more than 300 artists across over 30 stages, the Minecraft music festival is set to be very unique indeed.

The headline acts include Diplo, A-Track and Snakehips. To attend players will need to buy tickets. just like any music festival. The official website also requires users pass an 18+ age gate despite calling the event a ‘Rave Family Experience’.

Minecraft music festival

“Electric Blockaloo is a place where artists and fans can come together, create shared musical experiences, and reconnect with each other in an immersive way. It’s also much more environmentally friendly than traditional festivals, and a portion of each ticket will help support Bye Bye Plastic, an amazing organization that aims to eliminate single-use plastic from music festivals by 2025,” said event founder Jackie McGuire.

The Minecraft music festival takes place from 25th June to 28th June and is open to anyone with a copy of Minecraft on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, or compatible VR headset. You can register for more details on the official website now. No pricing details were available at the time of writing.

Minecraft screenshot

Live music within games has gathered pace lately, with Epic Games’ Fortnite regularly hosting events. Indeed, even Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become a beacon for live entertainment during the international lockdown. An inspired talk show garnered attention and celebrities such as Danny Trejo and Elijah Wood have voiced support for the game.

Will you be attending the Electric Blockaloo? Have you participated in any live events via a game? Let us know in the comments below!