Today sees the launch of DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch. Originally a VR game created by MyDearest Inc. and IzanagiGames, it’s not their only Chronos game making its way to the console. They’ve just announced that VR visual novels Tokyo Chronos and ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos are coming to Nintendo Switch as a twin pack.

The Tokyo Chronos & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos twin pack have been optimised for playing on Switch, so no VR system is required. Helping in that regard, both games will feature controller and touch control support, so players can pick their favourite method. Currently, MyDearest Inc. has only confirmed a 2024 release window, with no specific date mentioned just yet.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos screenshot
ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos

Immersive visual novels

Unlike the newer DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate which is an action-adventure game with a murder-mystery narrative, its predecessors are visual novels. That means they tend to be very narrative-heavy, with stylish visuals and great voice acting. Because they’re not classed as games, that means they tend to be a lot lighter on gameplay elements.

However, both Tokyo Chronos & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos still require player input. For example, Tokyo Chronos takes around 10-15 hours to complete with multiple paths and endings depending on the decisions players make. Set in Shibuya, Tokyo, you take the role of Kyosuke Sakurai, one of only eight people to find themselves in a seemingly desolate, abandoned metropolis. You need to solve the mystery and get out of the silent Shibuya.

ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos takes the narrative and interaction a step further. Set in the same universe but in the far future, mankind has sought refuge underground as a giant alien race called the Meteora has made the surface unlivable. To fight back, you’re one of the few mecha pilots available. With a big branching narrative, multiple routes and endings, this time around you get into mech battles!

As more details arise for Tokyo Chronos & ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos‘ Nintendo Switch twin pack, we’ll let you know.

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