Crime Boss: Rockay City launched earlier this year. Despite a stellar cast and a great deal of hype, the game disappointed many. So much so, that it’s considered a contender for the worst game of the year. Being in close companionship with the likes of Skull Island: Rise of Kong is not a good look. However, 505 Games has issued a pretty tongue-in-cheek update for the game, stating: “Pssst….. it’s fine to secretly like Crime Boss, we won’t tell anyone.”

The pleasantly self-aware satirical commentary comes as a new update launches for the game. As per 505 Games: “Crime Boss: Rockay City, arguably the best game of 2023 by a long mile, celebrates a frosty dollop of festive content with the hotly anticipated Happy Holiday Update!”

Do You Like Crime Boss: Rockay City?

505 Games doesn’t stop there, however. While the news is supposed to be about a new patch for the game, the satire keeps flowing:

“Described by many as ‘what the hell did I just play?’, and ‘wow, that was an experience’ by people who secretly love the game, Crime Boss: Rockay City is the ‘little game that can’, the heisting underdog that is burrowing a snow tunnel to your heart, right under your very nose!”


Crime Boss: Rockay City DLC screenshot

Crime Boss DLC & Update

So, what’s the actual news? Crime Boss has a new Happy Holiday pack. This DLC includes killer snowmen outfits for enemies, new female team mates, and a Police Station mission. Oh, and cars that now explode when fired upon. There’s also several quality-of-life enhancements. 

The game is available now for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game recently got a permanent price reduction. And that’s in addition to a huge pre-launch discount. Something tells me 505 Games new they were delivering a less than perfect game.

Tongue-in-cheek press statements aside, a bad game is still a bad game. Are you a fan of 505 Games’ efforts to salvage Crime Boss? Let us know in the comments below!

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