Square Enix has today released the second demo for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. From today, players can experience a latter part of the game ahead of the full launch on 29th February, 2024. The demo, as with the full game, is exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

The first Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth launched earlier this month, featuring the game’s opening section. This demo, entitled Fall of a Hero in Nibelheim, must be completed before you can play the today’s second demo. Be sure to check out Chit Hot’s Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Walkthrough Guide to help you get through it quickly!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Part 2 - Junon Episode

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo Part 2

The second demo for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has launched as an update for the first demo. It is not a new, separate download. This addition opens another playable section entitled Dawn of a New Era in Junon.

The original demo features the opening section of the game, and as such players will be able to transfer their progress to the full game. However, this second demo is a special preview made specifically for the demo. You’ll be exploring a small piece of the massive in-game world around the harbor town of Junon. The Junon area featured in this demo has been altered, so progress cannot be carried over to the full game.

Players with save data from the original demo will receive the Kupo Charm and Survival Set in the full game. However, there are no bonuses for playing Dawn of a New Era in Junon. It’s just for kicks, and we’re sure Final Fantasy 7 fans will get a lot of them!

If you enjoy the demo and haven’t yet purchased the full game, be sure to check out the best Final Fantasy VII Rebirth pre-order bonuses!

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is set to launch next week, on 29th February, 2024. Be sure to check out Chit Hot’s living Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough Guide for all the latest tips, tricks and secrets, and let us know in the comments below if you’re enjoying the second taste of the game.

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