Early last month, Games Workshop revealed a forthcoming Stormcast Eternals box, known as Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals. While the contents offered a revised collection, the packaging design looked very similar to the existing Vanguard box sets. This prompted fans to believe that the Warhammer Spearhead boxes would soon come to replace the Vanguards. Now, we have confirmation that this is exactly what is happening.

Earlier this week, Games Workshop revealed two further Spearhead sets. The first covers the newly revised Flash-Eater Courts. This set includes 15 miniatures, comprising of:

Cities of Sigmar, which also got a revamp last year, will soon get a Spearhead set too. This box will contain the following:

Great stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree. But how do we know that these new Spearhead boxes will be replacing the current Vanguard offerings? On the post revealing these new releases on the official Warhammer Community website, there’s a very distinct note.

Referencing the ‘Spearhead’ name, it states: “The new name for Vanguard boxes.

Warhammer Spearhead boxes: Cities of Sigmar & Flesh-Eater Courts

Warhammer Spearhead: The New Vanguard Boxes

Thus far, there’s been no sign that the existing Vanguard boxes will be reproduced under the new name. Instead, these are all new boxes. So, much like the Start Collecting! boxes of old, expect the Vanguard boxes to slowly disappear and be replaced by Spearhead boxes.

No prices or release dates have yet been revealed for the three announced Warhammer Spearhead boxes. However, we can expect them to line shop shelves sooner rather than later. How do you fell about the change? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re interested in picking up the Spearhead: Stormcast Eternals box, be sure to check out Chit Hot’s guide for how to build a Stormcast Eternals army!

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